|Cody Carson| "No One Can Help Me."

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Trigger Warning; Suicide and mentions of self harm

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Trigger Warning; Suicide and mentions of self harm.

'Y/N come on you have to eat.'

"No! I don't want to..." The H/C female yelled in distress.

'Babe... I'm sorry for leaving you... I can't see you like this...' The ghostly echo continued.

Tears fell from her eyes as she continued to look at her wedding ring on her finger. She sniffed loudly and looked to her side, where a pale figure of her deceased husband stood.

"Cody... You're gone. You can't help me I'm stuck here... Without you..."

'I know but... I need you to carry on, please.'

"I will... But only for you..."

Days got worse. Her heart ached, salty tears continued to roll down her red cheeks. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned to months. Every second, a brick was placed on her shoulder. Bringing her down into her own misery and despair. Blood fell from her wrists and her arms; it mixed with the salt and dirt on the floor as she sobbed uncontrollably. Every time he tried to help her.

'Y/N stop... Babe, I'm still here.'

"No, you aren't you haven't been here for months Cody... You're dead. You're not even here right now. You're just a ghost that I'm seeing, showing how insane I am..."

'Stop I don't want this-."

All she had to do was block him out. and she did, a lot of the time.

Sleepless nights brought her to insanity. She shook violently, pen in hand, writing a note.

'Hun...What are you doing?' The ghostly image of Cody appeared across from the desk.

"I'm sorry Cody... I can't do it anymore. I want to be with you..."

'And you will... Just not now Hun. Please, I'm begging you.'

"Do you know how hard it has been? Every night I was watching that door, that space in the bed. Waiting for you to come home. But knowing you won't. Everyday... I make you pancakes, just the way you liked them. I go to work and talk about you as if you were still here. When I come home, the pancakes are still there, untouched. Your favorite guitar sits gathering dust day by day. I clean it, just in case you come back as if nothing happened. Every photo of us. it hurts Cody. Knowing that now I will never have a child with you, or think of names for them... With you. I won't be able to sleep by your side again all I ever feel now is the cold of where you used to lay. Where we used to lay. my head on your chest. I'd listen to the sweet breathing that came from your lungs. All I hear now is the heart rate monitor slowly fading into an everlasting beep... and that hurts. I wanted to die with you... By your side and I never got the chance to do that... I wanted to see things with you Cody... I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower or maybe even just a lake. God damn it, Cody. All I want to do is hug you, know you're going to come through that door saying 'Hey babe I'm home' but it won't happen... Because you're not here. I lay here and think to myself... What did I ever do wrong for you to disappear without a goodbye..."

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