"Thanks naruto," Choji said. "And thanks for teaching me Earth Release: Hiding Like A Mole without it I would have lost."

"Why's that?" Naruto asked.

"Kurenai was toying with us if she went all out we would have been dead in a second," he said

"Same, as expected he did not think shino and shikamaru would attack head on," naruto said.

"That reminds me did you remove the body control bug from asuma?" Shino asked.

"Actually I forgot they are a one time use since it dies after using its powers, it should wash out," naruto said.

"What did you use that for?" Choji asked.

"It was to troublesome to carry him so naruto had his bug take him home," shikamaru said.

"Naruto isn't that one of the species from the forest of death?" Shino asked.

"I didn't think of that, I will make die to apologise to sensei tomorrow," naruto said.

Asuma reached to his neck and pulled out a small purple spider.

"Council I don't think these three will benefit from d ranks," asuma said.

"I agree if it were not for there rank I would find them a root invention," Danzo said.

"I agree," Orochimaru said, Looking at tsunade and Jiriya. "Those three may replace us. Naruto replacing me, shino replacing Jiriya, and shikamaru replacing tsunade." He got confused looks from the other two.

"I can see naruto, but shino and shikamaru?" Tsunade said.

"I see it," Jiriya said. "Naruto the ninjutsu expert, front line and mid range, shino mid to long range, and shikamaru mid to long range support. Those three together could be monsters."

"I agree, Asuma bring your students to my office for there first c-rank the ready of you I'll see you for your normal missions," Hiruzen said dismissing the jonin. "What do you think about this shikaku?"

"Troublesome, it's obvious all the will become apprentices, maybe even Choji." He said. "Those four will be a perfect four man team. Choji short range, naruto short mid range, shino mid long range, shikamaru support. Even further in the future shikamaru jonin commander or hokage advisor, shino leader of root. Choji Hokage advisor or sannin, and Naruto Hokage or sannin and leader of science and reach like Orochimaru." Hiashi spoke up.

"First we need to see there reaction in battle," Hiashi said.

"I agree we should see how the pups do in combat without there sensei. Have them leave on there "own" with Asuma following and we see how we go from there," homaru said.

"I agree, meeting dismissed," Hiruzen said getting up to leave.

-the cave-

"Do you think we should bring the others here who passed?" Choji asked.

"Not until we know we can trust then, we have put too much work into here.  We have our seals, Nin, Gen, Ken jutsu. Where we will keep all of our secrets," naruto said.

"Troublesome, we should bring Hinata here first, as the most timid one she will be the last likely to spoil our secrets," shikamaru said.

"I agree we will bring her back here after our first missions, and will help her with anything she needs," naruto said.

"Ok I'll bring her after our first mission if something comes up tell me," he said. Naruto nodded and a small purple spider crawled across his hand. And with that the four dispersed from the cave to there home.

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