accepted her love

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Kimizuki's pov

(N/n)= nickname

I was there in school waiting for okadami to help her with her relationship with kotaki. This happened a few days so they should be dating by now
'This might just works out just as i plan' I think to myself. I see Okadami walking into the school gates. I walk up to her.

"Hey Okadami. How's your relationship going?" I asked. "Well he came over to my house just to hang out and get to know me better." she replied. "Well hey, that's a kick start." I said. "Yeah it kinda is..." she chuckled. " know, this idea of yours is somehow working. Thank you." she said as she smiles at me.

"My pleasure." I finished the conversation once I walked away. As I'm walking up to change my shoes, (y/n) came along. "Hey Kimizuki." she said. "Hey (n/n). How are things?" I asked. "Besides of what happened to Sonja, everything is good." she said as she smile at me. I smile back. "That's good." I said as I closed my locker.

Time skip magic~

Lunch had finally come around. I walked out to the cafeteria not to see (y/n), but Okadami and kotaki there giggling and smiling. "Cute couple huh." (y/n) popped out of nowhere, saying that. I jumped a little. "Don't scare me like that!" I accidentally say in a deep voice.

She ran up to the table sitting down. 'Shit, I scared her. I should apologize.' I thought. I walk up to the table to see kotaki and Okadami going somewhere. I sit down next to (y/n). "What do you think they're gonna do." (y/n) said. "A show down." I said. She just looks at me disgusted.

Okadami's pov

Kotaki was taking me somewhere. But where? He took me to the spot I confessed my feelings to him. Well not me really. "So remember that time when you said you liked me?" he asked. I nodded. "Well, from the past few days, I grew the same feeling towards you." kotaki said as he blushed. My eyes were wide open. "...s-so will you be my s-senpai?" I asked. He nodded. I was so happy

Your pov

You and Kimizuki were watching Okadami and kotaki. "Is this it? Just talking?" I asked. "Its not just talking. They're confessing their feelings to each other." he said as he looks at me with a blush. "Are you okay?" I asked. Apperently he was snapped back to reality. I was happy for Okadami.

Another one~

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