Chapter Forty» He Is Back

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I once prayed to live again. To be given the chance to love again. To see the sun kiss the ground; and to see the stars shine brightly in the dark.

Grief had blinded me from the smallest of happiness. All I wanted to do was escape; to go to a land where no one knew me. A land where happiness would float from each corner; but then that was the same as dyıng. I wanted to dıe to be in peace again.

I prayed every night. Under the twinkling stars; to the Lord of the world. To the master of the heavens and earth wanting to be put at peace. Wanting to go far away from here. Wanting to be free.

When the winds of darkness washed ashore. The boat of destiny came. Giving me one more chance to live. One more chance to love.

I was scared. As would be any person, yet I took it. With everything in me, I took the opportunity. Only to see my world crash before my eyes. Ripping everything apart.

Everything within me in that moment froze. My breathing halting as cold shivers ran down my spine. Making me tense. Tears threatening to spill. All I could do was stare. Stare like a mad woman at the figure before me. Devouring the sight; fearing if I looked away it would be a figment of my imagination.

In the background I could hear someone calling me. Asking me something; yet I did nothing but stare ahead at the man before me. Seeing him dressed in a leather jacket. His dark eyes staring at my now dull ones.

A warm hand brushed on to my shoulder; in the coldest moment of my life. Making me turn to the side. Seeing dark green eyes stare at the figure; something flashing within them.

Opening my mouth. I tried speaking, wanting to say something yet nothing came out. Inhaling a sharp I held on to Aynah tightly; fearing the small baby would fall from my grasp. If I didn't compose myself.

" It's Am-" I started hearing Khalil greet the man before me. Making me tense.

" Hussain, Salahudin what are you doing here? " Khalil's sharp voice came making my breathing halt. My insides turning.

It was as though someone had punched me in the stomach. Knocking all the air out of me. Making me look upwards, feeling my eyes travel to Hussain and on to Salahudin.

Confusion gripped against me. As I stared at my Brother-in-laws. Seeing their eyes gaze on to me and on to Aynah; something flashing within them.

" We wanted to meet Aazeen and our niece" Hussain's deep voice came. Making me stare at the man, feeling lightheaded. Not understanding what I was seeing.

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