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Ok.So here are a bunch of random names I come up with all the time and can't possibly do anything with them. Hope you find them useful :-D


Tell me no lies

Silent whispers

Poisoned love

The Scarlet Minute

Wild Berries

That's what I like

The nerd in lingerie ;-)

Pull me closer

Ocean of lies

One more night

It's HARD to fight naked

Vacant soul

Guns and sex

The telephone

Guns and roses

Dancing on broken glass

Setting fires

I'm a lady

Starting wars

The monster under my bed

The monster in my bed

The girl

The boy

Fools can't dance

One last time

Before dawn

After dusk <--( Love this one)


Full moon

Guilty pleasures

Hidden demons

Not today

Maybe one day

Dirty thoughts

Blonde bombshell

Lost dimensions

Don't be shy

Poisoned flowers

Red roses

Behind closed doors

Diamonds and rubies

Red and blue

The black dove

No lie

Silent tears

Seductive sounds

Fallen Petals

Cats and dogs

One more time

Chasing Stars

Fresh start

Storm of pain

Fading lights

The demon empire

Silver blades

The madman's wife<--(don't ask)

Virgin lies

Treat you better

She likes it rough.

Bad blood

Autumn love

The monster in his/her eyes

Paranormal activity


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