23- Problems

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I walked out of the Big House, worried sick of Thalia and trying to think of a plan, when someone grabbed my shoulders and shook it.

"Luke!" I looked up to see the familiar face of Grover.

"Grover!" My face brightened up and I hugged him. I pulled away, "Where have you been all this time?"

"I'll tell you later. But first, where is Chiron?" He asked me hurriedly. It looked like he had something important to say. I led him to Chiron who was still in the Big House, examining the living room. "Chiron!" Chiron looked up at him. "You have to call a meeting of the Council of Cloven Elders right now!"

"What happened, Grover?" Chiron asked him. He looked worn out, maybe because too much problems were on his shoulders.

"I'll tell you all at the meeting. It's very important." Grover was bouncing on his hoofs.

"Very well. Let's go to the meeting place." The three of us went to the part of the woods outside camp where the Council usually met. Surprisingly, the other members of the Council were already there. They seemed to be discussing about something very important since their faces showed seriousness. When they saw us coming, they settled down.

"We need to start a meeting. Grover, here, has some important information." Chiron told the old satyrs and went to his place. The three satyrs raised up an eyebrow at Grover.

"What is it this time?" One of the satyrs asked Grover, annoyedly.

"Lord Leneus, Lord Pan is dead!" Grover exclaimed in despair. All three satyrs gasped and the atmosphere seemed to darken. Even Chiron raised his eyebrow.

"How dare you utter such a thing!" Another satyr cried in outrage.

"But, Lord Silenus, it's the truth! I'm sure you felt that wave of energy his death released!" Grover said. The anger in the three old satyrs faces were obvious.

"If Lord Pan is dead, then why is everything fine?!" The last satyr countered.

"Lord Maron, I'm sure you know that everything is not as it's before! The nature spirits are unsettled and other satyrs are going mad. They have felt it too! We need to rally them up and do our best to conserve the wild! That was Lord Pan's last wish." Grover tried his best to explain it. I wanted to help him but I didn't know what to do.

"If you continue to utter such lies, we will have to take back your searcher's license!" Silenus said. Grover's face showed horror. I knew that the searcher's license meant everything for him.

"Wait! What if Grover showed you proof?" I tried to help Grover.

"Proof? What would that be?" Maron asked Grover. Grover was sweating at this point but his face brightened up like he got an idea.

"Lord Perseus! He was there with me when Lord Pan said his last words and faded away. Lord Pan even gave him his domain so that he can have the full powers of a nature god. His word would be enough, right?" There was a hint of hope in Grover's voice. The three satyrs exchanged uneasy glances. Chiron seemed to be in deep thought.

"I believe that his word would be enough. All in favor?" Chiron asked the three satyrs. Since they couldn't go against Chiron, they nodded unhappily.

"But remember, Grover Underwood, do not utter any of this nonsense until you give us evidence." Lineus added sternly. Grover hesitantly nodded.

"Alright then. The council is dismissed." Chiron announced. Then he came over to me. "We have to go to Olympus now." I nodded in reply. Then he turned to Grover. "Grover, stay at camp and rest. Do not go after Perseus for now and wait for the right time." Grover opened his mouth to say something but closed it again and just nodded. Then, we seperated ways. Grover went back to camp while me and Chiron went on our way to the Empire State Building.

Third PoV: {OLYMPUS}

The Throne Room was in chaos as usual because the gods and goddesses were arguing with each other. But two seats were empty. The only god who was not fighting was Apollo since his twin sister was not present. Then suddenly, through the entrance came a centaur and a blonde demigod. The gods noticed their guests and quieted down. However, the god Hermes recognized the demigod and looked away in guilt.

"Chiron! What brings you here?" Zeus, the king of the gods, asked the centaur.

"Lord Zeus, we have bad news." Chiron said. Zeus scrunched up his eyebrows. "I don't mean to upset you but Lady Artemis was kidnapped."

"What?!" Both Zeus and Apollo shouted in anger. Lightning flashed outside and thunder boomed.

"Who dared kidnap an Olympian?!" Zeus asked.

"It was the cyclops, Polyphemus, that I think has a connection with the Crooked One." The other gods gasped. Poseidon looked away out of shame for having a son like Polyphemus.

"So the war is starting..." Athena said. Then she eyed the two empty thrones. "But there are two empty thrones. Where is Perseus?"

"He has gone to rescue Lady Artemis." Chiron said. "And there is another thing Lord Zeus. Just today, two demigods disappeared. A new demigod named Nico di Angelo and your daughter, Thalia Grace." Thunder boomed again.

"That's two of my daughters already!" Zeus shouted in outrage. Hera glared at him. "Explain to me in detail what happened and tell me everything about that new demigod!"

"Lord Zeus," The demigod beside Chiron, Luke, who was silent for all that time spoke up. "We left both of them in the Big House for them to watch the orientation powerpoint since me and Chiron had to talk about something. But when we returned, both of them were gone. Nothing happened at all and they just disappeared. But that demigod is suspicious. He carries a Stygian Iron sword and has this dark aura that drains the life out of you. When I first found him, he was fighting a Chimera and after stabbing it, the sword devoured its essence." The gods' eyes widened.

"How can that be?! Those are Underworld powers! Unless he is a child of Hades..." Zeus stopped. Suddenly, the whole room was quiet.

"Yes Lord Zeus. That is what we suspect. And Hades might have planned on capturing Thalia." Luke broke the silence.

"That scroundel!" Zeus roared.

"If you two didn't break your pact, none of this would have happened!" Hera scolded Zeus. "Only Poseidon has enough sense to stick to it."

"That's not what's important now." Zeus said. "Chiron, immediately launch a quest to rescue Thalia." Chiron nodded. "You there," Zeus pointed at Luke. "lead the quest." Luke nodded. "Then if that's all, you're all dismissed."

Word Count: 1130 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: April 15, 2017
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