Center Stage

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Center stage. The spotlight seems to flash directly into my eyes and somehow, someway, it burns a hole in my entity. It's funny how the light shines so bright yet the only thing I can see is you. Crystal clear in my mind, you take my hand and guide me as the music begins to build. Step by step, beat by beat, we move with the rhythm and, for a moment, it's like you're actually here with me. But soon, the once light and joyful melody fades, and as quickly as you appeared, you fade away. I open my eyes and there I stand, bare and petrified at the thought that maybe, just maybe, you saw my true emotions. Maybe, just maybe, you hated me for them. A single tear runs down my cheek and it seems to sparkle like a gem in the light. It's funny how the light reveals me. It's funny how the light reveals.

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