A Niall Horan Love Story Chapter One: We'll Make It Work

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I sat in their backgarden, One Directions backgarden. Don't worry I wasn't a stalker or anything, actually quite the opposite, Zayn was my best friend and had been for years. But that wasn't the only reason I was here, my friend Lauren was dating Louis and Harry had nagged me to come too. They'd just finished their tour so we thought they'd be tired... boy were we wrong.

Harry was jumping around the place after eating to much sugar, Liam was cooking some burgers on the barbecue, Zayn was lying in the sun nearly asleep, Louis was sat with Lauren whispering in her ear and Niall was eating as usual. It was a nice, sunny day and there were no paps in sight. It was perfect... At least it was until Liam pulled me aside. "Sophie I need to talk to you, it's Niall, hes really bummed out... I should let him tell you himself but he really likes you..' I wasn't sure what to say, I mean I liked him to...But he was a good friend and I didnt want to ruin it...

'You're all he ever talks about! Well besides food anyways... He thinks you don't like him.. I just need to know if you do?'

'Erm...well yeah...of corse I do..How could I not?'

'Phew... that's good to hear, don't say I told you though!'

'I won't don't worry..' He nodded and walked away.

What do I do? This is when I'd ask Lauren but I said I wouldn't tll anyone.. God, I'm in a pickle...

Niall was staring at me, we'd all finished eating and Lauren had gone inside with Louis, Liam and Harry. That left me, Zayn and of corse Niall.. but not for long, Zayn had just finished arguing with Niall about what movie they were gonna go see tomorrow and had gone inside, an awkward silence followed... Niall stood up and offered his hand to me. 'Dance with me..' He blushed.

'But there's no music.. I giggled lightly.

'Doesn't mean we can't dance.' He smiled. I stood up and took his hand, 'I guess not..' We swayed to the imaginary music and he twirled me as I laughed. 'Sophie, I need to tell you something..'

'What is it?' I looked up at him and he blushed, I knew what he was going to tell me. 'I've known you for ages Soph and I really like you... I don't just wanna be your friend anymore...' He blushed even more. 'I like you too..' I smiled as we swayed again. We heard a small sigh of relief from behind us, we turned and there was Lauren standing in the door way, She'd heard the whole thing... now it was my turn to blush.

'Having fun are we?' She smirked.

'Yeah thanks' Niall answered and chuckled. Lauren ran back inside probably to tell the others.

'Niall...' I whispered, 'It'll be alright won't it?... I mean, you might anger your fans..And I dont wanna ruin our friendship..'

He looked at me, tilted me chin up and said, 'We'll make it work.' The moment couldn't get anymore perfect until he kissed me and guess what... fireworks.

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