Chapter 44 - Could It Be?

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A/N: Y'all, what's up?! Just to clear some things up... Nope, this book is NOT finish. If you actually scrolled farther down from the previous chapter, I've actually stated on the author's note that I was just joking, this book is not over yet.

So, will there be more updates? Yes, of course! There will be more to come ;)

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Chapter 44 - Could It Be?

Mason screamed and swept everything that were resting on his mahogany desk. The impact left a massive shattering sound on the ground. Nina flinched and cowered back from where she was standing as she watched her boss' beast unleashed from his deepest, darkest being.

Ricky entered and glanced at the mess with furrowed brows. He then saw Nina at the corner of the room, scooting closer against the wall in fear. Ricky approached her and told her to leave. She quickly obliged and left as soon as she had her chance. She wasn't ready to face the monster yet. Sure, she had seen him angry before, but this was her first time witnessing him so furious to the point that he was turning mad crazy.

"Get out!" Mason growled at his friend but Ricky wasn't about to back down and leave him in his worst state. When Ricky read the morning paper, he rapidly made his way to the company. He knew he needed to help his friend out.

"Are you just gonna sulk there and let her leave? Are you not even going to call her, find her?" Ricky calmly asked him. Mason sighed and slid down against the wall, tilting his head upwards.

Mason arrived from his trip early morning, at around three. After he finished all his business in Alaska, he had managed to jump on the last flight that night. He was excited to go home since he had really missed Kelsey. He wanted to surprise her. But instead, he was surprised when he was greeted with an empty house with no sign of Kelsey around. All her belongings were gone, the only thing that kept him thinking she wasn't just a dream was the engagement ring he bought her that was resting on the nightstand table by their room.

He called Georgia and asked her of Kelsey's whereabouts but Georgia only told him that Kelsey was still there when she left. Georgia informed him that she had no idea where Kelsey would be or that she was even going to leave in the first place.

Mason got in his car and quickly drove to Kelsey's old apartment. He knocked at the door, even though he knew it was a bit rude to knock so early in the morning that the sun hadn't even risen yet. Kelsey's mother opened the door and was bewildered to find a distraught Mason behind it. She asked him what he was doing there so early in the morning and was worried that something might have happened to her daughter.

When Mason informed her that Kelsey left him without even a farewell, Hilda grew worried. She asked him why her daughter would leave but Mason couldn't answer her because he himself couldn't figure out why she left without saying a word. Mason explained to Hilda that he and Kelsey were doing well and that they were actually going to give their relationship a shot. He told Hilda that he went on a business trip and when he came back, she was gone.

Hilda said that Kelsey hasn't come back since she moved out. Hilda was worried, scared of where her daughter might be. She knew she shouldn't have let her accept the proposal. She knew she should have tried with all her might to protect her daughter's fragile heart.

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