Untitled Part 1

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"Amy, I want you to get the girls ready. The Alpha will be here within the hour. All I know about him is that he is one of the oldest of their kind and that he's a warrior. Some say he's a hard, cruel man. Others say he's just very protective of those in his district. I've even heard that he's something of a warlord. I know that his mate would never be harmed. That's one thing these supernaturals seem to have over us humans. They don't cheat and they would never lay a hand on their mate, beloved, or whatever. Now, go quickly. We don't have a lot of time."

Amy left the abbott's office and walked quickly to the quarters of the of-age young women. She knew that many would be terrified. She also knew that some would see the Alpha as a challenge. She saw him as neither. It had always been this way. She never knew the old ways. Some would complain and bring back the old ways. But she had heard stories from her grandmother of how it had been. Human men were not always good to their women. Not treating them like the treasure the supernaturals treated them as. There were even stories of women being beaten to death by husbands and fathers. Men who claimed to love them. The last case of child or spouse abuse was over a hundred years ago. Amy realized that she had reached the of-age quarters. Knocking, she entered, where she was bombarded by questions.

"Is it true, Amy?" "Is an Alpha coming to find a mate?" "Is he handsome?" "How long do we have, Amy?" "Is he rich?"

"Alright girls, settle down. You have just about 45 minutes to get dressed before you meet the Alpha. I'm sure he'll have an entourage. So some of you girls might even be chosen by one of them. You know what an honor it is to be chosen by a supernatural of rank. Remember girls, keep your eyes down and your mouths shut. Generally, the choosing is done by smell. Eye contact after that. Don't worry, the marking will take place in a more intimate setting." Amy turned and went to the door when a question never asked stopped her. 

"Amy. what will you do if you are chosen?" a small voice asked.

"I shouldn't worry about that too much, Marie. I'm a widow. These guys ususally want someone who is innocent and untouched. No, Marie. I'm not worried about being chosen. Now, get ready. I'll be back in 30 minutes to lead you to the Culling Room." Amy shut the door and hurried down the hall to her own room to get ready. She chose her dress carefully. A modest royal blue with a scooped neck and a dropped waist. The dress came to just about the tops of her knees. She really wished it was longer. These wolves tended to be a lusty bunch and she didn't relish fending off the advances of one of the unmated ones. She signed and resigned herself to having to smack the occassional hand and bluntly correct a wolf. It was not easy or fun. However, her status as a widow and an older woman, seemed to make her something of a target. Older woman. Amy snorted at the thought. She was twenty-five. 

She had been married to a human. He had been a good man and a good provider. Unfortunately. three weeks into their marriage, he had been killed by a rouge elf looking to capture himself a mate. She was saved by a patrol of vampires that was in the area and heard her scream. She had buried her husband that night with the help of her saviors. The next night, they had brought her her to the church. They told her she would be safe here. She still stayed in contact with them. On her birthday every year, they would send her an inappropriately expensive gift. 

Realizing it was time to go, Amy left her room and escorted the girls to the Culling Room. It was actually a large room used for banquets and large gathering. The wolves were so large it was the only place that could hold them all and not seem cramped. After taking the girls to the room, she turned to go to the abbott's office. Little did she know that her life was about to dramatically change.

Ulfr Gunnar walked into the church. This choosing was not something he welcomed. He really didn't want a little girl who had no idea about passion. He didn't want to teach a young woman to be adventerous in the bed. All wolves were lusty and highly dominant in the bedroom. He really didn't know if, even as old as he was, he had the patience to teach his new mate. That's one of the reasons he never really tried to seek one out. The she-wolves and widows of his pack and district were more than willing to share his bed. However, the Council of 12 had decided that he should visit the church montly until he found a mate. Striding into the abbott's office, he looked around, trying to identify the smell his sensitvie nose was picking up. The abbott noticed and asked if there was a problem.

"No. No problem. I think, however, that my mate has been in your office recently." He gruffly replied.

"I'm sorry, Alpha. That's not possible. The of-age girls are not allowed back here. Only the nuns and the girls den mother." The abbott swallowed a lump in his throat. Alpha's were notoriously easy to make mad when being corrected.

"No. I smell my mate. It's not a young girl either. This woman has....She's on the other side of your office door, right now."  Ulfr cocked an eyebrow as a soft knock sounded on the door.

With some trepidation, the abbott bid Amy enter. For it could only be her. "Come in, Amy."

"Oh. My apologies, sirs. I did not realize, sir that you had already arrives. I was just coming to tell the Abbott that the girls are in the Culling Room. They are quite excited to meet an Alpha." Because her head was down, Amy never noticed to eyes of the Alpha go golden and then return to his dark brown. She gasped when she felt the strong fingers under her chin lift her gaze to his. She felt her eyes go wide with surprise when she realized what the Alpha already knew.

Amy began to sputter, "But. but , but that's impossible. I'm a widow. We can't be mates. Your kind doesn't want a used woman." She reddened at the way what she said sounded in her ears and hoped that it didn't sound as stupid to the ears of the large male in front of her.

"Oh sweet Amy. Indeed, you are correct. Most of my kind do like innocent women. I, however, find a need to have a woman who has tasted passion and is not afraid to experience it again. My woman will be honored above all others as my mate. You will tell me your story in the car on the way home." It sounded suspiciously like an order instead of a request. 

"But sir, the girls. Perhaps some of your entourage would like to chose a mate? If that is allowable." Amy lowered her eyes again, uncomfortable with looking the handsome Ulfr in the eye.

Lifting her face once again, he answered her. "Indeed, sweet Amy, it is allowable. My men would be most disappointed if we left and they didn't get any opportunity to chose. Come, you can escort me and I will introduce you to our pack and you may introduce the of-age girls to my men."

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