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It's the next morning. "Wake up, Kitten. Time for school."

Kitten? That's something Daddy hasn't called me before... It works. I like it a lot.. It already turned me on from one word...

"Kitten? Answer me when I speak to you." he commands.

"H-huh? O-oh sorry.."

"What is it baby girl?"

I blush. "Oh nothing.." I look down. "Just tired is all.."

"Is it the new name? Huh, Princess?" Damn these names do wonders to me... "Well I'll treat you after school. IF you're good today."

"When am I not good?"

He looks at me with a "do you really want me to answer that?" look.

"Okay so I've gotten in trouble like two or three times. Big deal.."

"Two or three?"

"Okay fine... Four or five..." I sigh. "A day..." He looks at me with a stern look. "I'm sorry, Daddy! Look, it isn't my fault! They're the ones that always bully me!"

He looks at me with sudden sadness. "Kitten.."

"They make fun of me because I'm with you. Then they lie and say I do shit to them. Whatever, Daddy. I'm going to school."

"Hold on." He stands in front of the door. "First off, you think you can get away with yelling in my house? You've got another thing coming. Secondly, you said a bad word. Only say words like that when I'm pleasuring you. Thirdly, you do not say whatever to me. And finally, don't walk away without saying you love me. You're in big trouble. Do you understand me?"

"Does that mean..."

"Do you understand me?!" he booms.

"Yes, Daddy."

"Good. Now go in my room."

I giggle. "Now!"

I giggle as I run into his room. He walks in and sits down on the bed. "Time to spank you. You're a bad kitten."

"Yes, Daddy."

"You're going to school right after, though." I pout. "Sorry but you're going to school then I'll reward you." I purr in his ear. "Bend over my lap."

"Yes, Daddy."

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