"Cricket" by kassidy___

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A/N -- Brutal, yet beautiful entry by one of my favorite people here! I hope you enjoy as much as I surely did. Thanks so much!

The air in the room was thick with tension as Cricket lay strapped to the all too familiar table whose multiples fill the room. The fog surrounding Cricket's mind tried to force its way in, tried to zone her out from the horrors to come. She fought it off. There's no point in blocking out what was already burned into her mind. It's too late to forget now. Cricket's eyes traveled around the room, stopping at the girls laying on the tables closest to her, who emanated fear and hopelessness.

Soft, sharp breaths chorused through the rows as the door to the room creaked open. A pit planted itself deeper in Cricket's stomach as the first wave of men flowed through the doorway and into the room. Some claimed the first girl they saw while others carefully took their pick based on personal preferences. The "regulars" especially searched through the bodies carefully for the girls they favored, having already formed a group of their preferred girls.

The moments before being chosen were always terrifying, Cricket never knew what type of man would take interest in her. The slight swell of her stomach hardly provided her with protection as a majority of the men didn't care the state of the girl. They wanted what they wanted and got it no matter what. The men were taking their time chatting as they walked through the rows of girls.

Cricket felt the girl strapped next to her on the table shudder and looked to see a man approach. The girl was quite a few years younger than Cricket and it was definitely her first time in this room. She looked a bit confused though she had to have some idea of what was going to happen as Cricket was sure the Baron tested the girl out first. The man who approached had a bald head and dark eyes. A graying mustache sat atop his upper lip, concealing the space between his lip and the underside of his nose. The drooping skin around his eyes and hanging from his arms along with the graying hair led Cricket to believe he was quite old.

Looking away from the young girl's torture, she was faced with the man approaching her. Stopping at her feet, he quickly glanced over her body, eyes not even hesitating at her belly. When his eyes met hers she saw excitement flicker through their dark depths. From his tall stature, his heavily muscled limbs, slicked back hair, and the way arrogance seemed to radiate from his very being she could tell exactly what type of man he was. That definitely made her swell with even more fear than usual.

Through her time in this room, she had dealt with many different types of men, his kind was the worst and always left her whole body sore. Her body instinctively tried to sink back from him as he got closer to her. The crooked yellow teeth lining his smile sent chills down her spine. Cricket closed her eyes. The excitement in his eyes brightened and his lips formed a smirk as he finalized his choice.

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