Chapter 2

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The nice police officer from earlier who I found out his name was carl. Carl drove me back home. He told me to go in and pack and he'll be back at four and he will call my parents and explain the mess I call life.

I walk in my already empty home. If you can even call it a home. I always thought home was somewhere that family's share memories and happy times of togetherness, but my 'home' just has boring beige walls and empty rooms. I live in this beautiful mansion but it means nothing without someone to share it with.

California will be a nice change of pace...... at least I hope it will.
I just finished packing and am now walking out of my 'home'. I walk over to the passenger side of officer carl cop car and throw my one suitcase in the back and hold my carry on.

"Hello Anna" said carl with a sympathetic tone.

"Hello Officer Carl, how are you." I say trying to act like I wasn't as fragile as his grandmother's China.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" He said with a fake laugh. "But I'm good, after I drop you off at the airport I get to see the kids and the wife." He said this with the biggest most genuine smile that reached his eyes.

It might not seemed like it, but I want more then anything to have someone talk about me like that. Or better yet have something, someone, anything that makes my eyes light up like that.

I know it's selfish, but is it to hard to ask for. Just one person to say I love you and care more then you'll ever know. One to wish me a happy birthday or ask if I'm okay.

We soon arrive at the airport after casual small talk. I open my door and grab my two small bags and my ticket. I say a quiet goodbye to officer carl then I close the door and walk away. In the car carl told me that when I arrive to California I will have to look for a chauffeur with a card that says my last name. When I spot him I'm supposed to follow him to the car and he will bring me to my new residence.

I slowly but surely make my way through airport security and find the boarding dock. The flight attendant called for first class tickets. I was highly surprised when I looked down and saw I was first class. I picked up my carry on and walked to the boarding gate. I smiled and gave my ticket to the flight attendant. I walked down the dull, creepy hallway and stepped on the plane.

A3.....A5.....A7......ahhh. Right here B1 finally! I sat down on the nice white leather seats and plunged in my headphones to my iPhone 7. I started to drift off as I heard the pilot say "We are beginning our ascent please buckle your........." then I fall into a dreamless sleep.
I woke up to the pilot voice on the speaker "We are being are descent please put on your seat belt. We will be arriving at LAX in approximately thirty minutes. Thank you, and we hope you enjoyed this flight."

Oml I slept for eight hours. I guess I really needed it. I unplug my headphones and put my phone on air plane mode. The plane landed, I grabbed my bag and headed to baggage pick up. I pick up my bag and head to the main gate.

I see a man with a sign that says A.Williams. I walk over and he says "Miss Williams please follow me". I follow him out to a yellow Jeep. I hop in the car and the driver begins to drive. I sit there quietly and play on my phone and read, until the car comes to a stop about an hour later.

I get out and faced with a small yet gorgeous beach house with the ocean in the back and cliffs and a first to the right. It was beautiful the light yellow siding and the white trim suited it perfectly.

I noticed another car in the driveway. That's weird, I thought I would be alone.

I step out of the jeep and walk to the front door. The door swung open and I was faced with a beautiful tall woman.

"Hello you must be Annabella, I'm Nicole from the witness protection program. I'm here to give you a makeover and help you adjust." She aid this with a happy yet scary smile.

I'm low key trying to keep my cool. She seems kinda fake.

"Hi I'm Annabella, it's nice to meet you" she grabbed my arm and tugged me in the house.

She gave me time to unpack and get settled. I'm quote on quote "getting a makeover" tomorrow. Kill me now.

And I guess Annabella doesn't work here it's now Bella White, I sound like such a blonde white girl; partly because I am but still.

I put on my pjs and turn on my reading light and begin to read my favorite book " Fault in our stars". I love to read and make music.

I've always wanted to be a writer or a song writer, but my parents wanted me to be some rich doctor. I didn't really give two shits about what they wanted it's my life. So I worked my but off in school, English mostly. I took as many writing based classes as possible.

I close my eyes and think about my life and how mess up it is. I start the new school Monday it's Saturday night. Maybe I'll have friends, maybe I won't be a doormat. For once I don't want to follow people around I want to be me. I don't want to be the target. With that thought I drifted into a deep sleep.
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