Part 38*

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He kisses her forehead and slips out of the room after taking a long look at her delicate face.

Shravan makes his way downstairs where the family is all gathered up with smiles on their faces. Shravan comes down and makes his way to the couch holding an exhausted expression. The rest of the family quites down seeing Shravan. Ramnath notices pain on his son's face.

Ramnath: (concerned) Shravan Beta, is everything alright?

Shravan:(quietly)  Hummm.....

Pushkar: Bhaiya? What happened? Sumo?

Shravan: She is resting. I thought it would be good for her to take a nap.

Ramnath: But beta, you face shows that you are worried? What happened?

Shravan: Nothing Papa. I was just worried about Sumo's health. (lying)

Lalaji: (cheering him up) Shravan Beta, she will get better soon. I trust you completely, you will make Suman better.

Shravan: (softly) Hummm.....

Ramnath: Ok me and Lala are going to attend the Kapoor's hearing. Pushkar I think you should stay here with Shravan. I will take care of the case. And Shravan I am taking over all of your cases for the next month. I think you need to be here with Suman.

Shravan: Thank you Papa.

Pushkar: Yes Bade Papa. You guys carry on.

Vandy: Mummy ji I need to buy new shoes, me and Varun are going out for a bit. (pouting)

Kamini: Ok Beta, I had to get something too.

Vandy: Then you come with us too. (excited)

Varun: Shravan, Pushkar, you guys will be alright right?

Shravan: Yeah Varun Bhaiya, you take Vandy Bhabhi and Chachi.

Kamini: Ok Beta. And Preeti I want you to take a nap also. You have been up all night in the hospital. (concerned)

Preeti: But Mumma-----

Pushkar: (cutting her off) No excuses Preeti! I want you in bed. (strictly)

Preeti: Ok fine! (irritated)

Ramnath and Lalaji leave for court while Vandy, Varun, and Kamini leave for the mall. Preeti goes inside her bedroom to sleep and Shravan and Pushkar sit in the living room. Shravan has his hands in his face looking stressed out as ever. Pushkar sees the tenstion in the air and tries to calm it down.

Pushkar: (tapping his shoulder) Bhaiya?

Shravan: (looking up at Pushkar, with tears in his eyes) Pushkar, I don't know how to make Sumo forget everything. I told you I would try but what am I going to do? We can hide her from all of this for a couple of days but what will happen during the case? Sumo will have to be present in the court room to give the statement and she will have to face HIM! That son of a b*tch!! She will have to relive her worst nightmares again.

Pushkar: (calmly) Bhaiya, I know that this is going to be hard. But it isn't impossible. And plus the court case isn't going to happen for a while. In the meantime, you guys will get married and start a new chapter in your life. Trust me Bhaiya, I know that you will give her so many good memories that she won't have room for the bad ones. And as far as the case goes, I will do everything in my power to keep Aditya locked up for a very long time.

Shravan: (gritting his teeth) I need him locked up for LIFE!! And I will be handling this case by myself!

Pushkar: And you are one of the best lawyers in the city Bhaiya! I know that you will win! And I will always be with you!! And don't worry about Sumo!

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