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Chapter 2- Dun Dun Dun Duh!

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yay!... chapter 2. short chapter... the title wasn't my idea!!! hehe


After tea and crackers with the mayor, Ernie returned to his favorite electric fence by the landfill. He decided that he would make the fence surround the entire landfill. This would ensure a rise of dead people and less dinosaurs stealing garbage. He went ahead with his plan and hired his next door neighbour, his very distant relative to do the labour for him. His distant relative , of course, was not immune to electricity and was now DEAD!!! This made Ernie happy, so he decided to expand plan to encircling the entire city in electric fencing.

He went ahead with his new plan and hired his other relative, Jessen I to do the labor for him. Jessen I was immune to electricity too, so he had a party on and electric floor and sadly, everyone died. Sadly, he was so happy for the dead people lying on the floor, and he was so satisfied that he decided to begin the electric fence. He made the newly dead people his zombies and minions. He was ecstatic with joy at his newfound zombies, so he started listing the steps of the nitrogen cycle. They became brainwashed and kept on repeating it.

Soon, everything in the landfill was gone, so no one needed to watch over it. Ernie began to cry, how had this happened? He cried so ,long that his teardrops filled the entre landfill. The landfill turned into a pond and a park was built around it. But nobody had the heart to take down Ernie’s beloved electric fence. Jessen decided to visit Ernie to invite him to and electric floor dance at his house. Ernie agreed to come to his house. At the party, Jessen drank some beet juice which he didn’t know would take away his electric immunity. He felt hyper and energized after drinking the beet juice so he leapt onto the dance floor. The second that he stepped on the dance floor, he was shocked and was DEAD!!! Ernie suddenly gasped at the top of his lungs in shock of his distant relative Jessen’s dead body. He decided that he would host a funeral for all of his dead relative and bring all of his distant relatives. At the funeral, everyone was bright red and hysterically saying “POOR JESSEN!!! :’(“ Jessen was sadly buried in the landfill because the cemetery was filled with Ernie’s distant relatives.

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