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Matt sat by the wall of the school, scribbling away in his journal, while everyone else sat out in the sun, eating their lunch on the patio. Matt had always been an introvert. He never really liked talking to anyone, even in Kindergarten. To this day, he never even had one real friend.

All he really had was his journal.

"Journal entry 508, 5/12/06.

School's serving the pizza again. Y'know, the bad kind. I just decided to skip lunch again today. I can live without ONE meal out of the three meals of the day. Maybe I'll just go to the corner store after school and eat a lunch from there. Their food's always reli-"

Matt's written thoughts were interrupted by a commotion nearby. He peered around a corner to see five men, two of them.... being bullied.

One man, with devil horn styled hair, and a red and bkack varsity jacket was holding a stuffed bear with spiked hair above his head, and a shorter male, with dusty dirty blonde spiked hair, black eyes, acne and braces jumping for the bear, trying to reach it.

"Please, give it back, Tord!" The shorter male begged as he jumped for the bear. The taller male just chuckled, and lifted it up higher. Another shorter male, a bit on the chubby side, wearing a white t-shirt, with dark brunette hair, bangs in his eyes, stepped forward.

"Tord, give my friend his bear back, now." He demanded. The taller devil-haired boy laughed a little, stuffed the bear in his jacket pocket, and bent down in front of the chubby boy.

"It'd help ya to cut back on the Cola before you go picking fights, pudgy." He teased, and he poked a finger into the shorter boy's belly, wiggling it into the soft flesh. The chubby boy squealed, and recoiled, looking flustered, holding his belly and earning many looks from passer-by's. He was visibly humiliated.

While "Tord" was distracted, the boy with the braces snuck behind him, and went for the pocket with the bear. The two boys backing Tord up, ran up to the boy and pushed him to the ground. Tord just chuckled.

"You can't get anything past me, Tom." He said as he pulled the bear out of his pocket. "You should know that by now..."

Tord ripped the right arm off the bear, and threw it at Tom, along with the rest of the bear. Tord laughed at the boy's horrified expression, and walked away with his sidemen.

Tom teared up, holding the bear close to his chest. It was the last thing his father had given him, before...

Matt walked up to them. The chubby boy was rubbing Tom's back soothingly.

"We'll fix him, don't worry." He said softly.

"I-I know how to sew..." Matt spoke up. He could already feel himself sweating. Damn his social anxiety!

The chubby one looked up.

"O-oh, that's okay. I've been through this before. I've had to sew up holes before. I'm sure I can handle putting a limb back on."

Matt felt bad for Tom. He still wanted to help the situation.

"Alright, well, then I'll go confront Tord about this."

.... what, what the fuck??? Did he just say that??? He could barely talk to these guys! There's no way he could confront someone about bullying! What the hell, how did he let that slip out???

Tom's lit up. He looked up at Matt.


... Shit, he couldn't say no now.

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