10 - Drunk Lauren and Holy Cheese

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Lauren finally succumbed to sleep during the early hours of the morning after tossing and turning for what seemed like an eternity. When she woke all of the events of last night came flooding back to her mind and she quickly popped her head up to look across the room to check on Camila, only to find the bed empty. She frowned and got up knowing she has Fifth Harmony practice in two hours and desperately needed a shower. She made Vero's bed look as pristine as possible and walked over to her side of the room, finding a sticky note stuck to her keyboard. It was from Camila letting the brunette know that she left to do some things with Normani but this note was different from all the others she's gotten from her. The lack of xo or a smiley face brought an alarming feeling to the brunette, Camila always had one if not all of those at the end of her notes. So their absence told Lauren one thing and one thing only. She definitely screwed up last night.

Two hours, a shower, copious amounts of fretting, and even contemplating not attending practice, Lauren trudged towards the rehearsal hall with a the feeling that a cloud of doom was looming above her. She got to practice with one minute to spare, finding the rest of the Fifth Harmony members waiting for her. "Nice of you to join us, Lauren." Normani stated in a condescending manner. What the hell is her problem? Didn't she get laid last night? She checked her phone, "actually I have one minute to spare. So you're welcome." The brunette looked around and found Camila already sitting in one of the chairs and being extremely quiet which wasn't normal, usually she's quite chatty with the other Fifth Harmony's before practice. Camila didn't even look up from her phone when Lauren came in, another sign to the brunette that she screwed up big time. She wanted to go over to her and apologize and beg to have things back to the way they were, but at this moment it seemed as though that wouldn't be welcomed, so the brunette sighed and walked over towards Ally who had been watching her friend since she came in the door.

Normani quickly started practice, but made note of Camila's odd behavior. The tiny brunette had been acting different all morning and she knew that she was always excited and talkative before practice and no matter what she always gave Lauren a big hug before starting, even if they walked in together. Normani couldn't figure out why Camila was finding the floor immensely interesting. She knew she went out with Austin last night, so if that was a problem she probably went to Lauren's since she didn't come home. But even if Austin was the problem, the brunette always seemed to be able to fix it. Plus if it was Austin then the Camila's attitude towards Lauren wouldn't have changed. She narrowed her eyes at Lauren and studied her for a few moments. The brunette was extra slouchy and kept her head down staring at the floor, usually she was making remarks or even joking around with the others. Something wasn't adding up and she planned on getting to the bottom of it.

Noemani looked up to meet the eyes of the other seven 5H member's who held similar expressions and look at the two oblivious Fifth Harmony member's with concern. Normani nodded to herself as a promise to get down to it and started practice.

The rest of practice went the same way. Camila and Lauren were typically attached at the hip, often times practicing exercises together and talking during water breaks. This time it was like there was an opposing force between the two and both of them were hitting record highs of messing up during the routine. It was awkward and all the girl's were feeling it, exchanging looks between each other for the whole practice. When practice finally ended, Camila practically bolted out of the auditorium spouting something about how she was late meeting Austin, while Lauren barely mumbled a goodbye and headed out the opposite direction of the smaller girl. The rest of the girl's stood there with dumbfounded expressions, none of them could figure out why the two were being so weird. They couldn't get either girl to say much of anything the entire practice, let alone confess what was bothering them.

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