forty- one

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Warning: icky smut omg

Yoongi's eyes widened as Jimin sat him down on the bed. He felt himself stiffen as Jimin plopped himself on his lap and then leaned forward.

"What are you.." Yoongi started but was cut off by Jimin's lips pressed to his.

Jimin had this odd desire and Yoongi was all apart of it.

Jimin found himself kissing Yoongi's mouth passionately, having Yoongi follow shortly after. Yoongi was taken aback so it took him a second to join in.

Jimin smiled into the kiss, letting his hands cup Yoongi's face.

The younger was still sat on Yoongi's lap but he had pushed his front closer to Yoongi's, making the other boys throat tighten. He had never seen Jimin start these sort of actions, since Jimin was so.. pure.

However, he couldn't deny the excitement that was hidden underneath the concern he also felt. He didn't want Jimin to do something he wasn't ready for.

Jimin moved his hands from Yoongi's face to his waist, hastily pinning the older onto the bed. But Jimin laid ontop of him, still proceeding with the kiss.

Yoongi felt very mixed about this but instead of fighting it he just sort of went with the flow. He couldn't help it though, Jimin had that sort of affect on him.

"Yoongi.." Jimin whimpered into the olders lips, letting out a soft pant afterwards.

Yoongi hummed in response, his voice muffled by Jimin's lips. They were so big and tasty, what could he say.

Jimin swiftly sat up, causing Yoongi to lay there and look up at the boy. For a second, he was confused but his action was quickly justified as Jimin threw his shirt onto the ground.

He then proceeded to pull off Yoongi's shirt and then lean forward.

Jimin kissed up Yoongi's chest, letting his tongue graze against the soft skin. Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut, just enjoying the sensation of Jimin's beautiful tongue dancing across him.

Without looking up, Jimin grabbed Yoongi's hands and pinned them above Yoongi's head. He was still kissing up Yoongi's chest, leaving small love marks on various spots, but luckily they would be hidden by Yoongi's shirt so no one would question it.

"Jimin," Yoongi groaned, Jimin sucking a little too roughly on the spot he was currently on, Yoongi's collar bone.

Jimin took this as an opportunity to move his lips back to Yoongi's mouth for a short kiss before he sat up again.

"I need to.." Jimin got off the bed and unbuckled his jeans. Yoongi sat up and watched in utter shock, unsure when Jimin became this bold.

His trousers were lying on the ground and soon enough, Jimin moved to take Yoongi's off.

Once again, Yoongi kept quiet, letting Jimin do as he pleased. Yoongi had been craving this moment ever since their first kiss, but he didn't want to make the first move because he was always nervous. But quite frankly, he wasn't expecting Jimin to make the first move either.

But Jimin looked ready.

Within seconds, Jimin had the pants lying on the other side of the room and had quickly moved to grab something.

He was searching in bedside table before pulling out a container. Yoongi's eyes widened when he read the label.

"How did you-" Yoongi started but was cut off.

"My mother.." Jimin smiled, peeling the wrapping off the bottle of lube. "..she doesn't notice the things I place in the cart."

Jimin cracked a smile when the cashier had rang it up and yet his mother hadn't been paying attention.

Jimin sat back on the bed, spreading Yoongi's legs carefully. Yoongi was so shocked by Jimin, he never could predict the kind of day he would have with the boy. Sometimes, he was precious five year that had Yoongi's heart melting, but other times, he was just so.. hot. And this happened to be one of those times.

Jimin kneeled, pulling off the only thing left on Yoongi, his boxers. He then proceeded to pull off his own and then grab the lube.

He squirted some into his hands and then looked at Yoongi. "Are you- ready?" He asked, taking a deep breath.

"Are you?" Yoongi asked back, lifting his head slightly so he could see Jimin fully.

The boy looked so sure and confident. He really did look ready for this, even if at the same time, looked a bit nervous.

"I am."

Jimin responded, rubbing the gell into his fingers. He somehow understood what he had to do and he was starting to get excited. He was ready to ride Yoongi.

He put his fingers in Yoongi's butt, using scissor motions to stretch out the olders butt cheeks. And then he grabbed his own cock and slide his hand over it.

"Is this okay?" Jimin found himself asking and Yoongi nodded, groaning slightly from Jimin's hand. It felt odd -- like good but at the same time weird.

Once Jimin was content with the size, he lowered his hotdog so that it was lined up with Yoongi's hole before sliding it in.

Yoongi groaned, trying to get comfortable, before he nodded, indicating for Jimin to continue.

Jimin gave a smile before thrusting in once. His hands wrapped around Yoongi's arms and Yoongi felt his head loosely hit the pillow.

Jimin's grunts were muffled since Jimin hid his head in the crook of Yoongi's neck. Nearly every thrust, Jimin found himself leaving a small kiss on Yoongi's neck.

Yoongi looked to the ceiling as Jimin continously pounded into him, allowing his legs to feel like jelly.

You could hear the bed shake softly as Jimin rode Yoongi off into the sunset.. sike. But still, Jimin rode Yoongi hard.

Jimin was nailing Yoongi's spot nicely which is why it took nearly a few minutes before they both ended up coming.

Wheezing and huffing, Jimin relaxed on top of Yoongi. This was so out of character for him but he was okay with that. Everyone grows up at some point, and maybe it was time he did too.

im sorry if this made you headbang a window spray :& im really bad at smut and this is actually the first official time i wrote smut with lube ahh ):

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