Breakup in a Small town

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I'm sorry I put a country song title in here. I just LOOOOOVE Sam Hunt.

When 5th graders try to bully you.

"Am I suppose to he offended? I can act it if you want me to."

I swear.

"Oh my god." I whine. Its the end of the show, but were still on the stage. "What's wrong Dal?" Kenny asks. "I'm... Really... Tired..." I pant out. I give my bass to a tech, then run back on stage.

"Singing too much makes me tired, so I'm sorry children." I say.

"Hey Dallon," Brendon starts "why are there two of you, and two if everything?" He points. "Huh?" I question.

Right then and there, he starts to fall backwards. I quickly run and catch him before he hits the floor. I see his eyes closed, he must have passed out from dehydration. "Whelp. He's out cold." I say into the mic.

I wave to the crowd and leave the stage, with Brendon in my arms. He's such a cutie.

What, hes my boyfriend, im allowed to say that.


After the paramedics did some shit to Bren,he wakes up, and he's good as new. He was bouncing off the walls, and having tantrums.


"Dally, come here." He wiggled his finger, pointing me to come to the bathroom im guessing.

And yet I was correct.

He instantly pushes me up against the wall, and starts kissing me. I kiss back, then after a bit he asks for permission to enter my mouth. I grant him entrance, and he explores my mouth.

Soon, he's kissing my neck, soon finding a sweet and special spot. "B-Brendo-" I was cut off my a moan, which made Brendon suck harder.

"Oh shit." Dan says.

Brendon instantly stops and snaps his head up.

"I have the worst timing." He says. "I have to agree." Brendon says, unpinning me from the wall. "Its not like you and Kenny do it though." I joked.

"W-what um, n-no we d-don't." He stuttered quickly, with a tomato-red face. "Don't worry, I'm kidding!" I pat him on his shoulder. "Oh yeah, I totally knew." He says.

We walk out, like nothing happened.

The next thing I know, is that my phone was buzzing, so was everyone else's.

I pull out my phone, and see a notification from Twitter.

#1 trend: #Brallon #panicatthedisco

I touch the hashtag and see pictures of me and Brendon at the times when we were 'teasing' each other.

I smile and let out a small chuckle. I screenshot a cute one

 I screenshot a cute one

"Hey B, look at this." I show him the picture. "I was so hot." He said, flipping his hair. "You are really prett-" I was cutt of by Brendon. "But you're hotter." He says. I blush and look down.

"DALLONS BLUSHING I SHIP IT!" Kenny yells, getting a lot of attention from the techs.

Theyre so funny


You're welcome I updated.

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