make up leondre devries

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Its been about 2 months since you and leondre split up because of your dad you were so upset. And you knew leondre was to because charlie always told you that leondre misses you. It wasn't long till you finish school for good and then you would be off to college. One day you were in your bedroom just listening to music when someone knocked on your door. " come in" you say as your door opened to reveal your dad.

"Hey y/n I have a surprise for you at 5 so make sure you are ready" your dad says closing the door. Weird you thought to yourself but ok. Hours had passed and it was 4 so you had went in the shower to wash your hair, dried it and then put it up. You put on some make up you didn't put a lot of make up on. You then got ready you didn't know if you should put a dress on so you just put on a jumper, leggings and white Nike's on and you were done.
It was 5 and your door opened. " are you ready y/n". Your dad says as he looks at you. You look at your dad and nodded at him.

"So where are we going" you ask your dad walking out your room and down the stairs.

"Its a surprise" he says happily. You and your dad talk out the house and you both get in the car. The car ride was silent but the music was playing and that's it. 30 minutes later you arrived outside a restaurant. 

"What are we doing here" you ask your dad. Your dad looked at you and said "have fun" .

"What do you mean" you asked confused.

"The surprise is in there" he said pointing to the restaurant.

"But am not dressed nice" you say worried.

"Its ok just go" you dad says and laughs .So you got out the car and you were so confused. You said bye to your dad then he drove off. You turned around and you walked in the restaurant. The lady at the desk walked up to you and said " hello you must be y/n". The lady said " yes" you say in a reply.

"Follow me someone is waiting for you" she says as she walks in front of you. You were very confused you didn't know who was waiting on you. So you followed the Lady to where she stopped at pulled your seat out you look to who was sitting there, you couldn't believe your eyes leondre was sitting there waiting for you, why would he be here?. Leondre got up and give you a cuddle before you sat down. The lady had gone and left you too alone.

"What's going on I thought you was on tour why are you here" you say to leondre. It took him a while to answer.

" your dad called me and asked me if I still loved you and I said yes because I do and he told me to come back and I did" leondre said with a smile. You smiled to.

" y/n" leondre said.

" yes" you say.

" will you be my girlfriend" he asked with cute puppy dog eyes.

"Of course I will" you say with a big smile. You both got up and kissed each other.

"I love you y/n" he said kissing you.

" I love you too" you both kissed.

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