“Holy crap I have a twin!” yelled excitedly again.

                He cracked a gentle smile before scratching his head in awkwardness. “so what are we going to do about it

                “What do you mean?” I cocked my head to the side.

                “Well I’m sure my I mean our parents know we exist but we were separated for a reason I’m sure.”

                “I don’t know about you but I’m going to go ask your dad what the hell happened and why my mom told me he was dead.” I put an emphasis on I’m every time it came from my mouth.

                I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket again I looked at the message

                I c u was the text I got from parker.

                I looked around and sure enough there he was in his 2012 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder convertible. He motioned for me to come over to him. I looked over at Jake and told him I had to go trying to make it look like I wasn’t going over to see parker. After Jake walked away I quickened my pace over to parker.

                “Hey, what’s up?” I started to act way more peppy then I felt.

                I watched his gaze follow Jake away before his attention finally turned to me. I shifted under the feel of his gaze.

                “Just going to get a bite then heading to practice want a ride?” his features shifted to a different emotion while he talked.

                “Um, I need to go home for a bit and change don’t worry I’ll be there.”

                He rolled his eyes at me and hesitantly sighed “ok well see you there then.”

                I waved good bye before walking back to my house. I have a feeling riding in a topless car wouldn’t be good for keeping a hidden profile. I unlocked the door and plopped onto the floor leaning my head against the wall. I pulled out my phone and looked at the time “damn,” I sighed and stood back up.

                I didn’t care too much for the walk there I just wanted to get this over with so I could hang out with Aaron. A shiver of excitement went through me while I thought about it but a wave of guilt also coursed through when I thought about Ezra. I haven’t talked to him since I moved. i pulled out my phone and dialed his number quickly.


                “Hey it’s me.” I chirped into the phone getting annoyed by my peppy attitude at the moment.

                “Omg no way cause I don’t have caller I.d.” he mocked.

                “Well fine then I won’t talk to you.” I said stubbornly joking.

                A little chuckle ran through the phone making me miss him a bit “I’m sorry so how’s it going?”

                “Great except a few thing but I have to tell you something major but you have to swear to god you won’t tell anyone.”

                “I swear now what is it.” he sounded overly excited and almost like a girl.

                “I found out I have a twin.” I had to keep my voice from rising an octave from excitement.

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