Trent x aggressive! reader fluff ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling this is a request from EchoTheWolf thanx for the request im going to make it a fluff sorry that i changed it💜💜 Soz its late~

~Your POV~

I'M SO PISSED OFF!! FUCKING HELL!! I HATE SCHOOL SO MUCH!! (A/n I mean know doesn't?) I CANT BELIEVE THEY GAVE ME A DETENTION FOR NOTHING?!?! Well, i might have punched a bitch in the face........BUT STILL!!

I walk home from detention still very pissed off, I kick anything in my path while walking home I heard a chuckle coming from an alleyway.

I turn to see the one and only Trent Boyett, I stood with my hand on my hip "Hello Trent, what do you want?" I said annoyed, "You will do nicely maybe later tonight?" He asked moving closer to me.

"I'm your dreams, Trent, maybe you and your gym sock will do nicely tonight, goodbye," I said about to walk away

"oh (y/n) you being aggressive turns me on..." he said moving closer making our chests touch

"Trent, go fix your problem yourself," I said looking down at his problem.

"But (y/n) I want you to fix it..." he said grabbing my chin, connecting our lips it was very passionate. Our lips moved in sync with each, I felt myself being lifted up and trends arms snaked around my waist and holding me up.

His tongue was slowly entering my mouth, our tongues danced together and I wrapped my arms around his neck. One hand played with his dirty blonde hair and the other held his face.

Trent disconnected our lips, "Should we continue this at my house?" He said, I nodded and pressed my lips onto his again, he quickly ran to his house and throw me onto his bed.

He took off his flannel and jumped onto the bed attacking with kisses, I felt his member hit my leg, I smirked and rubbed his member with my knee.

He grunted and grabbed his pocket knife from his pocket and ripped open my shirt and bra, I helped and quickly covered my breasts "sweetie don't cover your beauty" he said kissing my cheek, I moved my hands away from my chest and let Trent see.

He kissed my lips and started to move down my body, he stopped at my neck and began to leave love bite everywhere on my neck and I moan in pleasure.


I was covered in sweat, Trent kissed my cheek, "(y/n) you're amazing, you should be aggressive more often" he said smiling, I smiled and moved closer to Trent, I wrapped my arms around him and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"I know," I said

"(y/n) will you go out with me, sorry I didn't ask you soon," he said blushing

"Of course, I love you," I said blushing kissing his cheek

"I love you too," he said kissing my forehead.

We fell asleep in my loves arms.

~Soz if it sux, thanx for the request~

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