No 15

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Ich dachte ich kann nicht mehr lachen.

Dann sah ich deine neue Freundin.

"This video is not aviable to in your country"

OMG where I come from? Narnia?!


The only men that will love you for your brain.

2 cool 4 school

2 lame 4 fame

Ever tried. Ever failed.


Try again. Fail again.


We all have that friend:

That after the exam says: "I didn't know anything!" :S

When he find out the result:


Did you know?

You can drink Lava.

But only once

She texted me: "Your adorable"

I replied: "No, YOU'RE adorable"

Now she thinks I like her. But all I did was point out her typo.

HAHAHALies diese Geschichte KOSTENLOS!