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The mysterious vessel approached. Fifty seconds... forty seconds...thirty...twenty...ten. It had crashed. "Dispatch squadron XB9" the military commander called. 

Marines rushed into an APC unit helicopter. They were immediately sent to the area of the mysterious crash. "What the hell" one marine whispered. A massive ship became visible in front of them. Each marine got into ready position, each extremely nervous. Suddenly an unidentifiable bolt was shot and a screech was heard. The marines walked forward in small groups. "Sir, there seems to be some odd source of life in there." A marine reported through a com. Suddenly a door opened and fog arose. The soldier walked up cautiously and shone a light toward the open door. He walked closer and closer, sweat dripping down his face.  "Sir there seems..... SIR.... it's, it's not here. It can't be!" The soldier said nervously. He walked closer and suddenly he screamed as something pierced  his chest and lifted him up, his legs kicking madly. He screamed madly as another mysterious item penetrated his neck and ripped off his head. The mysterious unseen figure let out  a clicking noise. The captain stayed back it's the rest of the people. He looked at his small tablet and turned on the camerasto see what happened to the man and saw the small screen with static. "They sent us here on purpose. This isn't the first time it's been here." He said finally realizing the truth. The mysterious figure now was heard running, closer and closer. Rain began to fall upon the worried soldiers. The end was near for them but they would fight. The soldiers aimed the gun at the now visible figure except one issue was visible, he was covered with armor.  running, closer and closer. Rain began to fall upon the worried soldiers. The end was near for them but they would fight.  The men began to fire toward the armored creature only denting its armor. The creature rushed forward and spun slashing its blades. The soldier knew it was the end and surrendered but didn't go down with a fight. The creature spun and slashed him in half. The creature continued to murder the men. The captain remained alone. He knew what he would do might be stupid but he removed his weapons and placed them on the ground. The creature walked up to him, yet did not attack. It seemed to be investigating him. The creature clicked and walked off. The captain looked at the marvelous creature and then began to walk toward the ship that the creature was abandoning. When he entered the ship lit up and hallways became visible. He walked around and around until he found a certain room. He walked in and saw glass shattered around. "Crazy bastard." He said thinking of Weyland Corporation. He looked around shining his light around until he saw an egg of some sort in a corner and open. He walked up to it but saw that it was empty. He shone the light around and suddenly saw something that looked like a large spider jump and wrap around his face. The captain began to slide into darkness.
The captain woke up without the mysterious spider-like creature on his face. He still felt weird though. A pain took over and suddenly he felt nauseous. Then it happened, a worm-like creature burst out of his chest. He saw it look back and slither off away. He felt mysteriously calm as he saw his internal organs visible and began to drift off into darkness.
Two hours later
The sergeant yelled over the screeches, "Sent more units to retrieve the men. They should have come back. There was no life signal there." The sergeant punched in the codes and sent androids to the crash site.
1 hour later
The androids arrived at the scene. None said a word but all knew what was happening. They got traces of the beasts that were here. They ran toward the ship and along the way saw the remains of the dispatched soldiers. They scanned them and sent an image to the sergeant. They ran into the ship and investigated each mysterious object. One android motioned to a lit up room with a trial going out. They walked in, blades ready, and found the body of the captain with his chest torn open by a weird creature. They scanned him and found no signal of the earthly beings. All went silent, the androids looked at each other. "What?" One said seconds before it began. The lights went out but posed no danger to the machines. They looked around and saw a figure arise from the shadows and grab one android. The creature pierced its tail through the droid and shot its inner mouth ripping a hole through the android exposing its wires. Two androids rushed up but the creature whipped them with its tail and sent them flying. The other three androids ran and flung their knives injuring the creature and making it fall. It tried to stand up but the androids rushed and slashed at its legs. They continued to slash at it. The creature flailed and slashed its tail cutting the head off of one of the androids. The remaining androids all teamed up and brought down the alien, knocking it down with such a strong force that it was knocked unconscious. The androids tied the creature up and carried it back to their vehicle leaving the destroyed androids behind.
One hour later
"Ah, my favorite androids. What is it you have brought me now." The sergeant said looking at the alien in front of him. "A perfect specimen. A xenomorph. I remember these. Put it in containment in the ventless room by my quarters. Don't want it to escape now do we. I would love to see this one." He said before leaving. The androids carried the xenomorph into the room.

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