Chapter 3

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Zoya's Pov

Soon we arrived at the mall. Fahad bhai took the car down in the basement to park it while we waited for him at the entrance.

We were chatting with each other, when I noticed a black car. It was looking really expensive and incredible. I fell in love with the car as soon I saw it.

"Come let's go". Fahad bhai said as soon as he arrived us. I shrugged my head and walked with them inside the mall.

(Mall's picture is shown above 👆)

The mall was beautiful and really big. There were lots of shops of different brands. We roam around the mall for about half an hour then finally we stop at a shop called "Fashion collection".

I and bhabi started looking around for dresses while my both brother started behaving like our bodyguards. And I totally loved it. I feel like a real princess. Well they also call me their princess.

In my college no boy ever dare to look at me, forget about coming near me cause they know what will happen to them after that. And I loved the way they care and protect me from everyone and everything. I love them alot, yes we fight with them at times, specially with Imran bhai but still we love each other alot.

"Zoya see this dress it will look beautiful on you". Bhabi said while handing me the dress.

"Waoo bhabi it's beautiful I will buy it". I said while putting the dress in my shopping basket.

We looked around for more dresses and other things we needed. After about 2 hours we were done with shopping. We walked towards the cash counter for payment. I gave my shopping basket to Imran bhai while Fahad bhai took bhabi's shopping basket from her. They paid the bill and we left the shop.

"Bhai I'm so hungry, let's eat something". I said while putting my hands on my tummy.

"OK let's go to the food court". Fahad bhai said and we followed them.

Imran bhai looked at me and showed a thumbs up. I smiled at him and showed back a thumbs up to him. Actually we both made a plan so that bhai and bhabi can talk with each other and get to know each other.

We arrived at the food court and sat on a table.

"So what do you want to eat? ". Fahad bhai asked.

I looked at Imran bhai indicating him to talk. But he shrugged his head telling me to talk. I signed and took a deep breath.

"What is happening between you both?". Fahad bhai asked rising his eye brow at us.

I cleared my throat while thinking how to start to convince him.

"Actually bhai, bhabi. We want you both to talk with each other. I mean you both are getting married so you should know each other". I said. Bhabi was looking down while trying to hide her blush.

"And you know bhai, you both can talk here because Firstly it is a public place, there are many people around here so you both are not alone. And secondly I and zoyi will sit on the next table so that we can watch you but not hear you". Imran bhai said. We both looked at each other happily because we both were convinced by our so called speech.

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