Cassandra Mc’Connell 

I’d gotten the solitude I so much craved as I walked down the empty streets. By now, I’d lost track of the times I’d called him, each time I hoped to hear his voice on the other end but that was merely an unattainable dream.

As I pressed the phone to my ear, I heard the voicemail tone once again. “H-Hello? Andre, it’s Cass.” I bit my nail nervously, “Look what you saw – that’s not how it –” I struggled to form a sentence. “Please answer the phone.” I whispered, cutting the call.

Images of his trademark grin, his laugh, the warmth of his hugs all came as persistent reminders of what I had lost. Though worst was the memory of two nights ago.

‘The moment I laid eyes on you, Cassandra Mc'Connell you consumed my every thought. Your smile lit up my world, your laugh brought a pleasant ring to my ears. I know it's hard to believe when I say; You're different from all the other girls, but you are. You're beautiful, intelligent and kind - you're someone any guy would be proud to have on his arm, and I'm more than proud to say that I'm that lucky guy. As long as you'll have me Cass, I promise never to leave your side. To be you're 'knight in shining armour' as they say. And I'll say it again, in fact I'll say it as many times as needed; I love you.’

As the words replayed them self in my mind, my heart lurched painfully and I became short of breath. I placed my hand on my chest in an effort to soothe the feelings that threatened to well up and felt the familiar lining of the interlinked necklace I wore almost always.

The necklace he had given me, the necklace that carried the promised he had made - now broken; Forever yours.

I stumbled into the house blindly; the tears had started up again blurring my vision. I couldn’t focus on my surroundings; I just dumped my bag by the door and walked lifelessly up the stairs into the sanctuary of my room.


I had fallen asleep under the covers. The light that shone through my window was no longer bright but dull and gloomy. I assumed it was evening time. I sucked a breath in, recognizing a scent I so much craved. It was Andre’s scent, his cologne. Hope bubbled in me, was he here?

Then I felt the cotton material of his sweatpants, the ones he had borrowed me. I pulled them from under my head (I had left them on my pillow after changing that night) and burrowed my face into the plush material. I breathed in allowing the scent to provide a weird comfort, filling the whole in my heart left by him.

Plates clattered downstairs and I knew my mom was home by now, soon she would come upstairs.

My phone rang abruptly and I glared at it in distaste. I didn’t want to speak to anyone now. I wanted to lie here, by myself. I let it go to voicemail and snuggled under the covers. Again it rang, I cursed leaning over and picking the call.


“Cass,” Kelly’s voice began, “Where are you?”

Crap, she wanted me to come over today. “At home.” I said wearily.

“You promised.” She moaned.

“Kelly, I’m fine. I really don’t feel like crawling out of bed.”

“You can’t stay holed up in bed, hiding away from the rest of the world in your little cave of a room.”

I might just do that. “Why not?” I asked indignantly. “Bats live in caves.”

“In case you’ve not noticed, you’re not a bat.” I didn’t reply and she sighed. “Cass, you just told me you were fine and you’re clearly not, I mean you sound terrible.” Yeah, at least I sound exactly how I feel. I buried my head in the pillow, if I had any tears left, I’d be crying. “Promise you’ll come over tomorrow then?” When she didn’t get a reply, she called again. “Cass?”

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