Chapter LXXX IV

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The vision came to an end when I heard my little brother's voice pleading

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The vision came to an end when I heard my little brother's voice pleading...

"Please doctor do everything you can for her, she must live, we can send her anywhere if need be."

"All has been done, and now that her fever broke all we can do is..."

"Master look she is moving!" Edna shouted and soon Daniel was touching my hand though I could not see much my ears worked well.

"Alice! It's me Daniel, I am here with you, please get better, wish it, have faith and get better, for me please" he kissed my forehead and I managed a nod.

"Yeh," I said and the doctor came to take another look at me.

It would not be until the next two days that I could sit up to sip soup, the small cut above my forehead was healing though my body had huge purple spots from where it had bumped along the stairs and where Lydia had kicked me yet.

"It is a miracle Lady Alice you should have had a broken rib from this many kicks, maybe an arm and a leg as well," the doctor examined me as I was getting better.

"Good, it is good to know miracles still happen," I said to the doctor.

"Yes it is always good to know even for us who cannot fix all that ails the body."

"Thank you doctor," I said and he got up.

"Yes I will back to check on you in a week just to be sure but you have made it through the worst of it, you will no longer need me around."

"Then we shall need an excuse to discuss books and have tea other than my injuries."

"Yes we shall," the doctor finally left and once Edna saw him out she came back with what I had asked of her.

"Milady I have written the letter as you requested," Edna came back in to my chambers with my letter, or a rewritten one, this letter had to make it to Mr. Howard whether Cynthia wanted it to or not, this was my first priority, it was the same as before not one word had changed though so much had happened.

"Thank you Edna now we have to find the opportunity for you to deliver it into his hands."

"I heard he is in London for Miss Lydia's sentencing."

"Yes they have asked me to testify against her."

"They have?"

"Yes I shall have to give a full account of the details of how I made it out, thankfully whoever saved me was testimony enough to land Miss Lydia in the justice of men."

"And you don't remember who it was?"

"No, I wish I could yet no one has turned up so that I may say thank you to them."

"It would be nice to know but the witnesses shall remain in secret, all we know is that there are eight witnesses who can link the stories together which point to Lydia as the killer."

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