Chapter LXX IX

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"Oh? What do you mean? Are you surprised or have you heard something?"

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"Oh? What do you mean? Are you surprised or have you heard something?"

"I have heard rumors and talks downstairs but who knows if they are true or not?"

"Mrs. Trudor will know, she has worked decades for this family."

"Right..." Edna complied with my rationalization.

"Then tell me these rumors, these talks you have heard."

"Sit down," she asked me as if it were to be painful for her to admit what she knew.


"The first time I heard Mrs. Trudor talking of Lady Walker was when we came back from the Spring Dinner at the Earl's country home."

"Um hm..."

"Mrs. Miller was talking of Mr. Henry and then Mrs. Trudor asked if she was talking about Mr. Henry Walker and when Mrs. Miller confirmed it she well seemed very displeased. She said that you milady ought not have accepted to be within at least ten meters away from the Walkers at all times."

"Why? What did the Walkers do? What is this all about?"

"Apparently Lady Walker is an old family friend of the Stewarts."

"Yes I noticed some kind of connection when she visited us in the country but what else do they say about her?"

"They say that Mr. Henry's mother has always been a frightful girl from a very young age."

"Some things never do change then."

"In fact Lady Walker is not even British, she is from somewhere else originally but no one knows where but she was raised most of her life here kind of like Brielle."

"Right I see where her soft spot for Brielle comes in."

"Yes and..." Edna stopped moved her fingers and giving me lines between my eyebrows.


"This is a rumor but Mrs. Trudor overheard Lady Walker saying to Mr. Lawdon that she was back to finish the job."

"Finish the job? What job?" Then suddenly the attack upon my life haunted my memory and I wondered if Lady Walker was the attacker.

"I have no idea what it means milady."

"Edna you must find more, I need to know what Lady Walker was talking about." I could not believe how unfortunate it was Edna was missing exactly the part that mattered but someone knocked on the door to let us know Martha was downstairs waiting for me.

"Milady Miss Campbell awaits you."

"Thank you I will be right down," I smiled.

"Yes milady."

"And you must go talk to Mrs. Trudor, I need the truth," though I had no idea what I would do with the truth once it was in my possession.

"I will milady," she nodded and I went out down to meet Martha for tea, it had been a while since our last talk and I was sure she was anxious with the wedding being a month away.

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