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"Yes Cynthia."

"Since when? And how? How on earth did you two..."

"These are personal details I have no wish to share with you."

"When? Tell me when!" I shouted back demanding and Mr. Howard spewed out the details at once.

"The night of your engagement!"

"The night! The very night! Hypocrite!"

"Do not test my heart, you have no right or claim to it!"

"Yet on the day you were asking me to be with you, to forgive, and forsake everything to be together with you was the same day you were falling in love with Cynthia?"

"Yes and what were you doing?"

"I was not falling in love with another!"

"Why am I even here discussing my life with you? I owe you nothing and you are nothing to me."

"Fine then if I am nothing, if I am silly, if I am the worst girl you ever had the displeasure of meeting then tell me why her? Of all the ladies in England why Cynthia?"

"You know she is right about you, you really did always see her as your inferior and I am ashamed to have loved somebody who would see the world this way."


"You were her friend and yet you mistreated her though she was the one bringing you up in society, introducing you as a close family friend how could you mistreat your own friend?"

"I... Mistreat Cynthia?"

"Everything began to fit when she spoke of your constant need to be the center of attention, it is true, it is why you do this to men, and how could you deny it one look at your ball gown and anyone could prove she is right."

"Lady Walker chose this dress for me," I replied in awe of the way Mr. Howard thought of me, his opinion was much lower than I expected.

"And did Lady Walker also took to singing just to bask in the praises of those around her? Did Lady Walker also encourage Miss Campbell and Sir Arthur to get together when Lady Cynthia was clearly hurt in the process? Did Lady Walker parade her ring to her close friend after the fact just to humiliate the poor girl at my son's wedding? And did you or Lady Walker announce your engagement during another's couple celebration of love? Tell me Alice! Was it you the center of the world or Lady Walker?!" He pointed his finger to the ground and stomped on his way over to where I stood.

Cynthia had poisoned Mr. Howard to see her as the victim and I as the villain of every story, she filled his ears with her side of the story and Mr. Howard's moral compass sided with her.

"I see..."

"You see?"

"There is nothing, no word I may say to change your mind."

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