Chapter LXXVII

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negrinha1980W this update is for all the love you've shown this story 💛

negrinha1980W  this update is for all the love you've shown this story 💛

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"Sir please this is not appropriate behavior!"

"Tonight you are free Valentina, let yourself be, delight and revel in our disguises this is why I brought you here."

"You were the one who sent the invitation? But I am engaged to your friend Mr. Henry!"

"My friend? Heavens no, we are to friends as women are to snakes, I am merely under the orders of the Duke to know him, to see if he will be of use to him," he laughed.

"Of use?" I thought of how Mr. Henry and his family were almost broke so I could assume influence was the only thing he could offer.

"Yes and if he is not then he will get thrown aside and much to my satisfaction." Sir Holloway explained and I wondered what kind of power did he hold over Mr. Henry's future.

"Why do you dislike him so?"

"I shall not go over his gambling, his brawls, or indecencies for many here are guilty of such things but I am a maker of faces, the very reason why I am of great value to the Duke and just as I smelled the sweetness of heaven from the very moment I was met with your face I knew the putrid rottenness of Henry Walker. An unintelligent common man puffed up with deceit about his real worth, a mere court jester ruled by his mother's ambitions of greatness for her dark little family."

"But I thought..."

"That your fiancée and I were friends? If that were true would I be trying to steal you away from him? Do I have your permission Valentina?"

"If I was wise to make any decision I would have never ended up here, or going down this path," overwhelmed by the request I regretted all others.

"What path? Is it to do with Mr. Henry?"

I feared for my mother if I asked him for help but if Sir Holloway could help would it be worth it to trade this information and hope for the best? No, I could not keep bestowing my trust upon men any longer so I kept my mouth shut about the path I was on no matter how hard it was.

"Is there anything you may want me to know about him?"

"No sir I know nothing."

"Then let us talk of you, and only you, tell me where did you learn to sing like a siren? Or how many men have you dragged to the bottom of the ocean with such melodies? More than you possibly know I believe," Sir Holloway came in with his wanting eyes to kiss my lips and I stepped back hurriedly.

"Forgive me sir..." I ran away in the middle of the foolish masks, they were one in the same jester masks made in different colors but the same design, the court's fools closing in on me still I ran out of the Ball for I could not tell how far or near from danger I was when everyone wore the same disguise.

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