Chapter 13

Sam wraps a towel around her body and rushes to the door, yelling at her visitor that she’s coming. Opening the door her jaw drops in shock. Her eyes slowly scan him from his shiny, black shoes to his perfectly combed hair. He’s dressed in a black tuxedo, fitting him at it so righteously should, paired with a black bowtie. With his jaw clean shaven and eyes sparkling brighter in the dim hallway lighting, he looks every bit the male he claims to be.
“Ugh....” mutters Sam shocked and unable to actually work her tongue.

Adrian raises his eyebrow slightly, his lips quirking in amusement. Note to self, he tells himself, wearing a tux actually makes his mate speechless, probably a first for her. He has to pretend though, that he’s not immune himself to her attire; the present one, definitely being stored in his mind for later.
“Good, you’ve showered,” he simply states as she shuffles to the side and allows him to walk in.
With ease Ade strides into the lounge, placing himself on the couch as his mate follows behind him in an almost confused trance. As she stands there with one hand securely holding the knot of her towel and the other making sure the towel wrapped around her hair won't fall.
“Er...Yeah, hello to you to. So...what is going on?” she slowly asks, wondering if she’d forgot some kind of arrangement but as she wracks her brain she realises that, no, she hasn’t and he said their ‘date’ would be a surprise. Well, this is certainly a surprise but she has no idea what is actually going on.
“This is for you,” he pronounces, totally ignoring her question and handing her a black box with a fancy white, chiffon bow.

She accepts it with caution before asking, “what is it?”
“A dress, you have roughly an hour to get ready-”
“ ‘Dress’? ‘An hour’? Ade! What...what is going on?” she exasperates.
“Tick tock, Sam. Either you privately go inside and dress yourself or I rip that towel off now and place you in that dress myself,” he evenly and monotonously replies. Sam finds her cheeks flaming as her eyebrows scrunch into a look of disapproval.
“Fine!” she snaps taking the box and stalking into her bedroom. She shuts the door a little harder than necessary so that Adrian can hopefully take a hint and know not to enter.

The box is placed on the bed and with a frown; Sam gently tugs off the bow. As she lifts the lid off and places it onto the bed, she gasps in shock. She’s met with the sight of bright, sparkling fire engine red material.

“Holy crap,” whispers Sam to herself. She picks the dress up by the lace shoulders and lays it flat onto the bed, her eyes popping open as she views the beautiful dress. It has small lace cap sleeves, and a lace sparkling gem stone bustier, with a band of silk to clinch at the waist. She’s not sure what the underneath material is but she’s pretty sure it’s cotton, because over the top lies the plain red rose lace material.

Her feminine mind seems to have switched on as she unwraps her towel from her body, letting it drop to the floor she picks up the dress and slides into it. Zipping up the side zipper she finds it clinging to her every curve. The silk sash certainly clinches in at her waist and the padded supportive bustier certainly does ensure her breasts are pushed up and not sagging in any way. But it seems it’s not a complete bustier for the back is missing. It seems where the dress is modest in the front, behind it more than makes up for by dipping so low as to expose her entire back. The underneath material from the sash down, it seems is not cotton but rather something more form fitting. That beneath layer clings to her ass and thighs before flowing out to her feet, well, just over her feet actually. The top lace layer isn’t as clingy but it still retains her shape.

She twirls in the mirror, unable to help but grin widely at the woman in the mirror. She’s never owned a dress so beautiful and that actually makes her look so...feminine.

“I hope that dress is on, Sam!” calls a deep voice from the other side of her door.
“Yes! So don’t come in!” she squeals, rushing to the door and leaning against it. She hears chuckles on the other end but pays no mind to it.
“Very well but I do expect you primed and ready. One hour, remember?” he states waiting for no answer before he moves away into the lounge.

Sam glances back in the mirror and that’s when she notices the tag on the dress. She flips the tag over and almost dismisses it but the two simple words on them has her stopping short of cutting it off. Ripping the dress off her body she checks in astonishment at the label. It truly is Vivienne Westwood. And she doesn’t have to be a fashionista  to recognise that designer clothing such as Vivienne Westwood costs hundred, thousands of dollars even!....And Adrian Carter bought it for her to wear! No, her mind argues back, that can’t be true. Why would he do that? Why would he buy her something so expensive?
That’s when it hits her-he’s Adrian Carter-money is not a concern for him. But it is for her. And more so than that, no-one’s ever bought her a dress. It was always hand me downs from her younger sister. Even her own prom dress was bought with her own hard earned wages. And have a man who’s only known her for a few weeks buy her something so ridiculously expensive and gorgeous is...unbelievable to Sam.

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