I woke up naked next to Tyga.I rolled over next to him & he was also naked with his jewlry and chains on the nightstand next to him and his iPhone was also next to him. I kissed him hoping that he would wake up but he didn't then his phone vibrated. I waited to see if he was gonna wake up for what seemed like hours. I reached over slowly and quietly grabbed  his phone. FUCK! He has a lock code on it. I did about 20 tries and finally gave up after I realized I will never get it.I sat it back down . I got up off the bed I looked at my face, make-upless. Ew! My hair was everywhere. I peeked out the door to see if Tyga was awake. He was still knocked out. I guess after that second nut he was over with .

I smiled to myself and I heard a vibration noise again. I ran to the night stand and grabbed his phone. The text popped up and it was from some girl named Danisha Sexy Booty: "imma be there."

I looked at Tyga. Fuck, I wanted to reply back but I couldn't. Fuck that shit it's not like were together anyway so I don't even know why I'm trippin' because I know that he only wanted one thing from me and that was sex & my dumbass gave in and let him do it. I mean, you would too if he took you shopping all the time... right?

I undressed and turned the shower on. I turned on the radio and put in my Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' cd & bumped Romans Revenge as I hopped in the shower. I rubbed soap all over my body. The door swung open and in came Tyga, butt naked with his long yella dick hanging between his legs. I smiled, I threw the soap at him and because im kind of ashamed of my breast. I dont know why but I am and when we have sex I always keep on my bra and since im in the shower naked my breast are showing. I quickly covered them up. "get out!" I yelled. He started laughing and came closer, & stepped inside, the water spraying all over his tatted body. He picked me up & I threw my other arm across my chest, covering my breast.

He pushed me against the shower wall and removed my hands. He looked at my breast and threw his face in it. I pushed his head up.

"why you so ashamed of your titties?" They look good" he said pinching my nipple. I looked away and lifted them up, starring at them, "don't lie to me, their so ugly." I hissed. He kissed me. "nah they ain't, u got a lil moe, makin em look even sexier" he said biting his lip. I smiled. He grabbed my ass and grabbed his dick with the other hand shaking it. I knew that he wanted me to suck it so I slowly got on my knees with the shower water spraying in my face and on my back. I opened my mouth and began to suck, going back and forth, licking all around it & about 5 minutes later he came and I swallowed the cum like syrup. Then I got up off my knees and wipped my face and stepped out the shower, and walked out. He stayed in and washed up.

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