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Summer, a time where you can kick back and enjoy the sun, hang out with your friends, and chill out by the pool. Not for me, I would be spending my summer at one of the most competitive academic/music camps in the world. To be able to get in you have to have a 3.6 GPA or above, not to mention you have to be 'gifted' musically. To be honest don’t know how I got in, I wrote a terrible essay explaining why I should get in, and I wasn’t really musically gifted. I was one of the lucky ones though, im only a junior in high school and most of the people here are mostly senior or in college. My mom was really hesitant to let me go, it was a 3 months long not to mention that it was all the way in northern New York.

'just remember to write darling' 'OK mom' 'and you’ve got your computer?' 'yes mom now can I go im going to miss my flight!' 'OK fine go, just give me one more hug' she pulled me in tightly and kissed my forehead 'good bye mother!' i pulled my self away from her and got on the plane.

The plane ride was around 6 hours from Georgia to New York, in the packet they gave me they said that a councilor would be picking some of us up and take up to the camp. I have to admit I was a bit nervous to be going into a whole new place and not knowing anyone, I know that I was going to be one of the youngest ones there which made everything a lot more nerve racking. When I got my bags and guitar from baggage claim I saw a women with a few other people, older then me of coarse, holding a sign that read “Greenwood Music Camp”. I walked over and everyone stared at me, 'hi im Marilyn Benson' I said to her. 'hi ill be one of your councilors my name is Macy May, good now we only have one more person' she put a check by my name and I stepped to the side. A girl stepped in front of me 'hi! I'm cam!' she startled me, 'hi im-' 'oh I know who you are, your Marilyn Benson the 16 year old singer-songwriter, guitar, pianist, drummer!' 'thank you' this was officially creepy. 'hey, um do you know if ill be the youngest one here?' 'oh no! Theirs one more 16 year old, hes name is Harry Whitmore, hes a guitar player and a singer. Just like you! you’ll most likely have most of your classes with him' 'oh cool'. 'there he is' I looked over and saw one of the hottest boys I have ever laid eyes on. he had blone-ish hair, muscular body and to top it all off he had what looked like a vintage Electric Gibson Guitar. 'hi im Harry Whitmore' oh my god he’s Irish!, 'good now we can go!'

we put all of our bags and instruments into the back trailer of the car and starting travailing. 'its about a 20 minute drive from here to the camp so talk to the people around you, get to know each other' I turned to Cam and started to talk to her. 'so Cam' 'why don’t you talk to Harry?' she whispered into my ear. 'shut up' I whispered back. Harry was sitting right next to me, I turned my head. 'hey im Marilyn Benson' 'im Harry Whitmore its nice to meet you' 'its nice to meet you too, where are you from?' ‘Ireland , what about you?' 'Georgia, what are you doing so far from home?' I moved a bit closer to him. 'I just wanted some adventure, so I applied for a bunch of camps and school and this is the only one i got into' 'cool!' 'I feel like iv heard of you?' shit 'my mom was an actress' 'Charlotte Benson?' 'that’s her!' 'that must be so cool! I love that movie she’s In The Sun?' 'yeah, I did did to, until I realized I had to spend 2 months in Saudi Arabia while she shot it.' we both laughed kind of awkwardly.

'OK here we are!' Macy said, I looked out the window and saw the big camp entrance. It was a giant bronzed fence with a gold plaque on the side that read may all who enter be enriched with intelligence.'the pictures online make this place look a lot smaller' harry said, 'for reals'

we all piled out of the bus and grabbed our bags from the carrier behind us. 'come on Marilyn! I know exactly where our cabin is!' Cam yelled walking towards the middle of the camp, 'I guess ill see you later' I said to Harry, 'yeah'. I went to go catch up with Cam, 'so when do we get our schedule?' 'they'll be waiting for us in our cabin' 'oh wow OK'. She opened up the door and inside was 2 beds, 2 full closets, a bathroom, and a porch. 'this is awesome!' I said, 'that’s what everyone says when they first get here' I set my bags down on my bed and unpacked. 'here's your schedule' she handed a small stack of papers at least 5 or 6 pages. I flipped through them and looked at my classes, on the cover it said “ACADEMIC GROUP 9/MUSIC GROUP 10”. 'hey cam what does this mean' I held up the paper and her eyes widened, 'geese' 'what?' I said, 'those are the two highest groups, are you some kinda genus or something?' 'I don’t know?' I looked at my classes, all were either advanced or accelerated. A voice came over the speaker. 'hello campers welcome to Camp Greenwood, here you will be taking classes and courses on how to improve academically and musically! It is currently 5:32 PM and dinner will be served at exactly 6:00! see you all there!'

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