Prolouge- Part 2

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Everyone followed Nana into the living room and sat down. The air around them was tense as Nana's expression changed and her smile faded. As did the others and Chrome.

"Now first. Let me ask you all something." They slowly nodded. "Why did you choose Vongola Nono's daughter as Decimo over Tsu-kun, who accepted you even if you
A) Tried to kill him,
B) Almost committed suicide,
C) Have a loud and annoying voice,
D) Are a spoilt brat,
E) Try to posses him,
F) Want to fight him every second of the day,
G) Were never home and
H) You're a spartan tutor hitman? Because if it was me, I'd never betray someone like him." Everyone was shocked at what Nana had just said. How on Earth did she know about Vongola and about how they met him? Reborn was the first to ask.

"How on Earth did you know about that?"

"Answer my question and I answer yours." They were hesitant at first but eventually complied.

"He is weak. He can't protect himself for shit. When I came to test him for the role of Decimo, I thought he was strong and brave. But I was proven wrong over time. He lost my respect towards him." Hayato answered first.

"He let dad die. That's my reason. He promised me that he wasn't going to let anyone die but that didn't happen. When he saved me, I thought that he actually cared for my well being. But I was proven wrong when I heard about his death in the future." Takeshi was next.

"He said he would protect my sister from the mafia TO THE EXTREME! But that was an EXTREME lie. He told them about the mafia and dragged them in! He knew the dangers yet he EXTREMELY did it!" Then Ryohei.

"Lambo-Sama was only five yet I had to be his lightening guardian. He only cared for himself and not thinking about me. He wasn't there when I was hurt. He was in his office!" Lambo said.

"He dragged my Nagi into the Vongola even though se has a fragile body. He endangered her but didn't do anything about it. He is a disgrace." Mukuro answered.

"Mukuro-nii-Sama..." Chrome said, disappointed in him.

"Hn. He is weak and cowardly. A no good dame. He can't protect anything. So I have to do that for him. I don't care about what happened in the war. He has no right to call me his cloud." Kyoya replied.

"Weak. An idiot. Cowardly. Has to use his DW pills to activate HDWM. Overall, he's a terribile Sky and boss. He can't lead anyone. And he can't do anything right." Reborn said.

"A no good dame like him deserves to die. Not even looking after his own father after he beat him. Sure I told him to fight me but he held back. That makes me mad." Iemitsu answered. After they were all done, they had what was coming to them. Bianchi punched Hayato in the face, causing him to launch back. Takeshi was kicked in the stomach by Byakuran, making him choke. Ryohei was slapped by Kyoko, who grit her teeth. Lambo was kicked by Fuuta and I-pin, who were deeply disappointed in the boy. Chrome kicked Mukuro, not caring for his well being. Dino punched Kyoya, Kyoya glaring at him in return. Basil kicked Iemitsu and the arcaboleno punched Reborn.

"You guys are the most horrible and idiotic people I have ever met." Nana had a darkened expression. "Since you've answered my question, I can answer yours. The reason I know about the mafia, Vongola and co is because, I am the number one hit woman, Pistola Mortale, stronger than Reborn or Renato Sinclair, the worlds greatest hitman." Reborn froze and did everyone else (sans the people who care for Tsuna) and felt fear trickle up their spine. Nana closed her eyes. "And that excuse, was the most unreasonable explanation whatsoever." She opened her eyes for them to be a blazing red color instead of her usual warm brown color. "You sons of bitches."

"I am disappointed in you all. Especially you, Reborn. Otouto begs you to stay with him but you... you just say that you found a better sky and left him heartbroken." Dino glared at his tutor. "You know, ever since then he has been doing his best to improve. He has became smarter than you could imagine. He's more strong. And he's learnt how to use the other Flames. At first I thought it was because of your spartan training but then I found out the real reason. But you don't have the right to know." The guardians and Reborn were shocked by this. "You know, I always thought that you were our tutor. But it turns out that you weren't. We were your Guinea pigs." Reborn had a look of shock and guilt but it was covered by his fedora. They were all guilty. Hayato, Takeshi and Lambo collapses to the ground as tears fell.

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