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Disclosure: Hi guys! I am excited to announce that the Handmaid's Tale TV show has commissioned me to write astory that is inspired by the show. I am truly honored to be part of this campaign as it focuses on women's fight for freedom; often we fail to realize that this fight for equality is still ongoing and therefore, it is up to us to keep the spark of revolution alive in order to foster real change in the world when it comes to gender equality. I hope you enjoy reading this piece just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

* * *

My hands shook as they lifted the gun and aimed it straight at Master's forehead. His cool composure was quickly replaced by panic—his body frozen, his eyes wide with fever terror.

I'd been dreaming of this moment for so long—ever since Master tore me away from the clutches of my mother, kidnapped me and held me captive in this warehouse, grooming me to become a sexual plaything for him and his clients to enjoy.

For five years, I've played my part in hopes that one day I'll put on a convincing enough act that he would never anticipate an attack from me.

Fortunately for me, I wasn't alone. Me and the other girls that he held captive in here have been planning this escape for months –gaining the trust of Master's clients, persuading them to smuggle weapons for us in exchange for nights with us. The act of seduction and manipulation we've learnt over the years had finally been put to good use. We didn't like it but we knew it was necessary if we wanted to free ourselves from him.

My finger trembled as it hovered over the trigger. Kill him! My heart screamed at me. This man is an abomination. A monster. A murderer. It is only fitting that you seek justice for all those he has silenced, including yourself. After all, don't you think he deserves it?

Yes. A million times yes.

But I—


Because it never occurred to me to think about what I'd become after I pull this trigger.

I become a monster.

A murderer.

I become him.

His eyes mocked me as they held my gaze. The tilt of his cracked lips confirmed his suspicions of me: that I was too weak to kill him, that that there was a strong chance he'd walk out of his room alive.



I would not allow him do what he did to me to more girls. I would not let him rob them of their lives.

The cycle needed to end. Now.



Master's eyes grew wide with horror as the bullet whizzed through the air and tore through the wall.


Before he could say anything else, my fist plummeted through his face, knocking him unconscious. He fell, landing on the ground with a thud.

I slid the gun inside the holster and walked out, leaving him there for the police to find.

It wasn't the kind of justice I had hoped for, but the kind of justice I could live with.

There will be more men like him.

Men who oppress; who silence those who can't fight back; who take what they want and think they can get away with it.

But there'll also be girls like me, girls who will not only break the cycle, but one day, be rid of it entirely.

And until that happens, we'll continue to fight for our voices to be heard.

Fight for our freedom.

Fight for our lives.

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