School has gone by really quick as did my shift at work. I got in through the back door because the front door was locked. "You are flipping out. You're acting all weird. You're blowing everything off. Is that a stake?" Amy was going off at Charley and I also noticed a wooden stake in my brother's hand.

He is really taking this vampire thing too seriously.

"No. Maybe." Charley said, sheepishly. "Look, even if you are losing it, you do not get to blow me off. You don't go from something to nothing overnight. You're not nothing to me, Charley. So whatever is happening, I would like you to talk to me, to tell me what's going on." Amy said. My mom and I exchanged the same looks as we are now caught into the couple drama that is going on between my brother and his girlfriend.

"I got it." I said as I heard a knock on the door. "No! Don't answer it. Please don't answer it." Charley said, rushing in front of me. "Amy's right. You're slowly losing it." I said. "This is ridiculous, Charley." my mom said. "Jane, it's Jerry from next door." I heard Jerry say from the other side. I was about to get the door, then Charley held me back. "Don't answer the door." Charley said. "This is my house and I will answer the door if I want to." my mom said. "But, mom!" Charley hissed, holding my mom back. "Jane, I need to talk to you and Katie." Jerry said. "Just hold on!" my mom exclaimed back. "Now. Your son is harassing me." Jerry said.

I gave Charley a cold expression. "Charley Brewster, what the fuck did you do?" I asked, growling at him. "Nothing, nothing." he lied. "Look, whatever he says..." he started and Jerry spoke up again. "Jane, he broke into my house." he said. "Okay, I need to take a few minutes." I said, walking away from my brother and sitting down on the couch and reading some FanFiction to cool me down. "I'd rather not take this to the authorities, but I will. I have no choice. He's sick! He's deluded." I heard Jerry say. "Go get the authorities." my mom said. Charley was now checking all of the windows. "What is he doing?" I asked. "Whatever it is, it's not good." Charley said.

"We're all right just as long as we stay inside because obviously he can't get in without an invitation." Charley said as my mom, Amy, and I look at him, weirdly. "Like a vampire?" Amy and I asked in unison. "Yeah, really, like a vampire." Charley said. "This is the joke for Amy, right? I can't believe you got Jerry to go along with this." my mom said. "Take this." Charley said, giving my mom and Amy crosses and giving me my cross necklace.

Why the hell was Charley going through my room?

You know what, I don't want to know the answer to it.

"Okay. Vampire protection." I said to my mom and Amy. "I don't think this is funny." Amy said. Then, I looked out the window and it was something I want erased out of my mind. "Mom." I muttered and that got her attention as she was now looking outside to the yard. "Shit. The fuck is he doing to my yard?" my mom asked, hissing that out.

Jerry was digging out chunks of the ground. And the chunks were gigantic. "That's inhuman." I muttered. He finished digging a massive hole in the ground and he got a pipe and a saw that is cutting into the pipe. "What's that?" I heard Amy ask out. I sniffed the air and I smelled it too. Jerry now has a lighter and my eyes widened. "Shit, it's the gas!" I hissed out as he threw the lighter in. An explosion came out of the fireplace and the oven. We all jumped over the couch. The house got caught on fire as Jerry went towards the window. "Don't need an invitation if there's no house." Jerry said.

"Come on. Come on!" Charley said and we followed him. We got to the garage. "Get in! I'll drive!" my mom exclaimed. Amy and I got in the back as Charley and my mom were in the front seat. "Jesus Christ, Charley, what the hell is going on?" my mom asked. "Whatever the hell it is, just floor it!" I squeaked out as my mom went for it and the fire engulfed everything. I watched in tears as it also got my car. "My car!" I cried out. I looked over to Charley. "You are so buying me a new car." I growled. "Is everybody okay? Nobody's hurt?" my mom asked and just as soon as she said it, the motorbike that Charley was trying to fixed went through the back window. Amy and I screamed at that as it almost tried to chop our heads off. Charley kicked the bike away.

Charley and I switched seats when he wanted to check up on her. "Jesus!" my mom hissed. "Mom, keep driving!" Charley said. "What the hell is going on?" I asked. "This is seriously not okay, Charley. Who the fuck is this guy?" my mom asked. "Mom, I told you, he's a fucking vampire." Charley said. "Enough with the vampires." my mom said. "Let's just calm down and call the police." my mom said as we all get our phones. I tried to call, but there's no signal. "I don't have any service." Charley said. "No bars." I said. "I do. No." Amy backtracked. "I hate the fucking desert. Now, I have a psycho next door." my mom hissed. I looked up and Jerry's truck was coming towards us. "Charley, that's Jerry's truck." I said with wide eyes. Jerry's truck rear ended my mom's car.

"What the fuck?" Amy asked, crying that out. "What is he doing?" my mom asked. "He's coming around the side." I said. "Keep going. Keep going." Charley muttered. Jerry bumped his truck towards our vehicle again. "What does he want?" my mom asked. "Oh, my God." Amy cried out. Jerry stops his truck and he gets out. "Oh, no. What do I do?" my mom asked. "Hit him." Charley answered, simply. Charley kept goading mom into hitting him as mom protests and they did it as Jerry's trucked veered off to the side. "Don't stop." Charley said. "Holy shit!" Amy hissed.

Throughout the next few minutes, Amy and I were checking the back for any sign of Jerry. Throughout that time, Charley and I switched seats, so now I am in the back with Amy and Charley is upfront with our mom. "You see him?" Charley asked us. "No." Amy replied. "No sign." I replied. "Did I kill him?" my mom asked. "Hopefully." Charley replied. Then, I heard metal scraping. I could feel my heart beating fast as my anxiety was rising up. I could also hear the undercarriage thudding. Amy and I looked forward. "Mom." Charley muttered as the car floor was being pounded on.

Jerry was under the fucking car, which was moving, by the way.

Jerry's hand went through the floor. "What the fuck?!" I screamed out. "That's his fucked-up vampire hand. Now you believe me?" Charley asked. "Now is not the time to say "I told you so."." I replied back, snarky. "Shit!" Amy hissed. "Keep driving, mom." Charley said. Jerry's hand went further into the car. "Charley, fucking kick him!" my mom screamed out as Charley started to kick his hand. "Get away from me!" my mom cried out. Then my mom hit the break once the hand was gone. "Where is he?" I asked. "I don't know." Charley said then another car rear ended our vehicle  and the airbags went off.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I heard someone said and when we turned around, it was a man in his mid-50s. "No!" Stay in the car!" Charley yelled out. "You stop in the middle of the road, you got a taillight out." he continued but as soon as Charley tried to protest, the car was lifted up and that came to my assumption that Jerry was still under the car. As soon as Jerry got out from under the car, the car went back to it's normal position. As Jerry lurked towards the man, he ran to his car. As soon as he went into the car, Jerry broke the window and dragged the man throughout the broken window and I watched in horror as Jerry bit into his neck and as I saw life drain from the man's eyes. Then, Charley got out of the car. "Hey!" he shouted and Jerry stopped draining the life from the man. Amy, my mom, and I are getting out of the car so we could stop Charley from getting murdered.

I heard the inhuman cracks as Jerry dropped the man. I could see that Jerry was wiping the blood off his face and he turned to us, with blood still on his face. "Hey." he said, simply.

We're in deep shit.  

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