Chapter 4

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So I decided to call up Aliyah and just hang out just to fill her out some more. So I invited her out to eat at Bahama Breeze and then we can go shopping if she'd like after.

I pulled into the parking spot at the same time as she did and we got out to hug.

"Girl, I haven't seen you in a minute!" Aliyah said to me as she stood back and looked me over. "Look at you, looking all cute and shit!"

I laughed as I joined arms with her and pulled her into the restaurant.

"Hello, welcome to Bahama Breeze, table for just two?" The host asked as she grabbed the menus.

"Yes ma'am." I answered.

"Follow me this way please." We followed behind her to a booth and I was really excited to actually talk with Aliyah about some things.

"So, you know I've been hearing nothing but great things about you girl!" I said to her.

She smirked. "From Dijon? I know that's your cousin and I don't wanna say anything and you be grossed out."

"As long as you ain't talking about y'all sex life and shit like that, then we're good."

"Well he's been speaking of our future together lately and don't get me wrong, I'm truly in love with that man but I'm scared. I'm scared that maybe he'll find someone better than me but you know what he told me after we went to the beach and I expressed myself? He said you're perfect and every flaw that you have, he's in love with. He said if he could've, he would've proposed that day but since he didn't have my parents approval, he'll wait and surprise me." She had tears in her eyes and was smiling mad hard.

I smiled.



I had just finished putting on my suit and might I say, I was looking like one sexy ass man right now. I put on my Cole Haan shoes and put my tie on.

I went out to my car and headed towards the hospital. I had a bachelors degree in Nursing and a Minor in business administration. The hospital Rush had an available spot open for a Health Administration position.

Now, I've worked in the hospital before and I felt that the hospital life wasn't for me and ended up feeling like id be making more in the streets.

I guess you can say that Angelica and the guys words have been getting to me lately and it was time for me to be a man and get my life together. This would be my second follow up interview and at the end, they will let me know if I received the job or not.


Once the interview was over, I think I did good but I feel like you should always feel like that after you've done something that could put you in the right direction. I undid my tie and smiled, granny would be mad happy for me because I'm doing something she'd approve of, now if only I get the job, it'll be 10times better.

I pulled my pants and shirt off, then jumped in my bed. This shit felt so damn good.

I heard barking outside of my door. I looked as Que opened it with his head before jumping in the bed.

"Wassup boy!" I started rubbing his head as he laid on my stomach.

He barked again before jumping off and running to the door then back to the bed. I jumped up because I knew he was trying to tell me to probably feed him. So I followed him to the kitchen where I saw Angelica sitting at the island with her hands over her chest and head.

"What's wrong with you?" I gently grabbed her hand away from her chest and felt for her pulse.

"My heart is beating really fast and I feel dizzy. I couldn't even walk up the stairs, so I just sat here." Angelica eyes were watering as she talked and honestly, she was scaring me.

"Come on!" I grabbed her hands as I went towards the front door, putting on my nike slides and told her to get in the car.

"Why didn't you call or yell my name? If it wasn't for the damn dog, i wouldn't have even known you were home G!" I started the car and headed towards the ER while texting the guys to meet me there.

"I didn't know what was wrong, I think I just got worked up or something from thinking about stuff. I didn't think this would happen Zane, so stop talking to me like that and be fucking considerate!" She yelled at me.

I side eyed her and calmed down as she said. "I'm sorry, calm down and relax yourself."

Angelica said nothing as she nodded her head and relaxed in the seat.

Deep down I was scared because I remember her telling me she had hypertension and I didn't believe her but this proves that she indeed does and she's stressed out which could possibly kill her. That thought alone killed me because I couldn't picture my life without her.



"I told that damn girl to stop stressing about shit she has no control over bro!" I said pacing outside of Angelica's hospital room.

Jayden rubbed his waves and shook his head. "I just don't get her at times ya know. It's like she was doing good but then she start thinking about shit and that's where she fucks up at."

Zane comes to open the door just as we heard Angelica's voice.

"Don't talk mess outside of the door, bring y'all ass in here and let me hear what y'all got to say since y'all out there sneak dissing!" She pouted as she folded her arms.

Angelica has been there for me since we were babies. That's my cousin but more like my sister. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she loves and cares about Zane but I'm not talking about just love as in a Bestfriend type of way but maybe I'm reading too much into it 🤷🏽‍♀️!

"I just got a question."

We all looked at Jayden as he stared at Angelica.

She smirked. "And I got a answer."

"What were you thinking about before all of this happened?"

Her smirk turned into a frown. "I was just thinking about some stuff. That's it Jay. I thought too much into it and it made me upset, which I shouldn't have even let the situation get me to this point!"

"Who you talking about?" I asked because I guarantee it has something to do with Zane.

"Tiffany and Zane!"

Here comes that bullshit again 🤦🏽‍♀️

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