Part 37*

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The rest of the family goes home, leaving Sumo, Shravan and Pushkar in the hospital. Pushkar and Shravan go to the doctor's office to complete the discharge procedures. As soon as they finish, Pushkar goes to get the car and Shravan comes back to Sumo's room to help her get ready to leave. When he enters the room, he sees Sumo crying. His heart breaks and he rushes up to her.

Shravan: (rushing up to her) Sumo? What happened Jaan?! (whipping her tears off)

Sumo: N-nothing. E-every-t-thing is f-fine. (trying to speak in between sobs)

Shravan: (engulfing her body in his) Jaan, your lying. How could you lie to your Shravan? Are you in any pain? Please tell me Jaan, I can't see you like this. 

Sumo: I m-messed up the entire plan right? I forgot to take the r-ring off. (Sobbing in Shravan's arms)

Shravan: No Sumo! This was not your fault! Everyone forgot about the ring and it wasn't your responsibility to remember either. You already had a lot of other things to worry about. I am sorry. Because I put you in that position. I should never have let you come anywhere near that bash*rd. (with anger in his eyes)

Sumo: You told me that it would be an bad idea but I didn't listen. I'm sorry. (feeling guilty)

Shravan: No Sumo. If you were being stubborn then it was my responsibility to convince you and take care of you. If anyone is saying sorry then it is me. I am the reason all of this started in the first place. And I want to fix all of the mistakes that I made.......And anyways I told you that we are not going to think about this stuff anymore!

Sumo: Shravan you don't have to say sorry to me. (kissing his chest)

Shravan: Jaan, we will fix all of this together. But I am going to need you to be my strong Sumo. You will be strong for me right?

Sumo: Hummm. (whispering)

Shravan: Good! And I want you to know that I will never ever leave your side. But you need to never do anything like you did last night ok? You have no idea how I brought out to this hospital. (cringing at the thought of those memories)

Sumo: Shravan, can I ask you something?

Shravan: Of course you can.

Sumo: What is going to happen to Aditya?

Shravan: (his smile changing into an angry expression) He is going to be in jail for a very very long time.

Sumo: And if he comes back when he is free? (whispering in fear)

Shravan: Don't you worry about that Sumo. (still hugging her and having no thoughts of letting go)

Sumo: Is there going to be a court case? Will I have to see him again? (weakly asking)

Shravan: (feeling scared) I am sorry Sumo. But for the court case you will have to see him. But I promise to you that he will not lay a hand on you. I will be there the entire time. Me and Pushkar will always stay by your side. In fact I am fighting this case by myself. And I will make sure that I keep Aditya locked up for as long as I can.

Sumo: But what about Ma, I don't want to separate her from Aditya but I also can't bare to see him anywhere near me. And what if Ma wants him out of jail? What if Ma asks you to not take this case? To give him another chance? Then Aditya will be free and then he will come by me and he will hurt me-----

Shravan: (pulling out of the hug and looking into her eyes) Do you think I will let that happen? Do you not trust me Sumo?

Sumo: I trust you Shravan but Ma------

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