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[ no koreans were harmed in the making of this intro ]

                   SCAR SCATTERED -

Rating : 1-20


Honestly, I have never seen a novel written as detailed as this was. Okay, maybe I have, but this is definitely one of the best I have seen on wattpad.

The oc is written beautifully, so is the dialogue. Like, the story never loses focus on the plot. Most stories, they drop the personality on the character because of a new love or interest, but Olivia never stops.

She is still the main character, who is beautifully designed in dialogue and the book. not to mention, the horrific things she is facing in the book, she remains herself. Which, I love.

She's not changing over weakness or alternation of the world.

One of the most things I hate twd ffcs, is when a character is so tough and untrusting, but when something happens they all of a sudden break down and are in need of healing.

*cough "carl grimes" *cough*

But, she remains the same.

This book is too perfect to heartfully describe in paragraphs, (which i am capable of.) but, your book is not entirely finished and I don't want to get ahead of it.

for now, consider this a semi-review.

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