Finnick~Fake Smiles 2

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I reach my hand forward and pull on the heavy door.

It looks exactly the same. Exactly the same as when I left it. When I left it alone. I walk forward towards the cornucopia. I can see my pedestal from here. Where it all began for me.

"It's all the same." I state.

Even the time of day. You can't tell that it's three in the morning outside because it's light and sunny in here. An entirely different world.

I walk forward to the lake, Finnick follows.

"This is where it all ended." Finnick looks around.

I nod. He's right. This is where my alliance had to end. Final two. I never thought that both of us would make it that long. Killing my own district partner was the worst thing I ever had to do. Not to mention that he was my best friend's boyfriend.

"It had to end at some point." I smile bitterly at him.

We both sit down in the grass. I just look around. It looks the same but feels entirely different. This time no one is trying to kill me. This time I don't have to watch my back. This time I have Finnick.

"Thank you." I look up at Finnick, "It doesn't seem as scary now."

Finnick just puts an arm around my shoulder, we both look out onto the lake.


A loud yawn in my ear pulls me out of my sleep. I can feel someone moving their arm around me. Out of instinct and habit, I jump up and pull on the arm that had been resting on my waist.

"Ow" Finnick looks up at me.

Immediately I release my grip.

"I'm so sorry!" I crouch down and place a hand on his now presumably sore shoulder. "It was just instinctual! I'm so sorry Finn."

"It's okay (Y/n)" Finnick laughs lightly.

"Did we fall asleep?" I ask.

"Well you did. You fell asleep on my shoulder and then you started to talk about how hot I am and how you want to-"

"I did not." I interrupt while shoving him with my shoulder but we both laugh anyway.

"We should probably head back." Finnick stands up.

He hold out his hands to pull me up next to him.

"Ugh. I don't wanna go back." We both pause to look at each other, "Wow never thought that I would say that in here." We both laugh.

The drive back the in Capital is long and full of laughter and bad singing. Once were back in the city, Finnick pulls into the garage of our building. Every tribute who wins the games has a penthouse here. Not all end up living in the city but we both ended up here.

"What floor are you?" I ask.

"82, what about you?"

"81!" I smile, "All this time and we never were that far apart.

We both get into the elevator and it lurches upward to our high floors. When the doors open up to my level we both get out.

"Walking me to the door like a true gentlemen?" I tease.

"Maybe" He smirks.

I grab the mail off the mat outside my door. The tabloid magazine that sits on top is what grabs my attention.


"What?" Finnick asks.

I hold up the magazine for him to see.

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