Finnick~Fake Smiles

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Yet again another person asks me something about the games. 

"Was it thrilling?" 
"Are you happy to be out?"
"You must be so proud."

The last one struck me. The fake smiles and brief nods I had been giving out to people coldly was now gone. 

"Are you joking?" I ask the women who said it. 

"Proud? You think I'm of what I did in there? I murdered people. I killed for my own survival. I killed for your own enjoyment. So no, as you said earlier, I am not proud." I walk away from her shocked face. 

I stomp past everyone, they whisper to themselves as I pass them. 

"What a drama queen. She does realize this is a party for her right?" 

I ignore them and continue my march into the mansion to get off the patio. The loud music gets quieter the father I get in to the house. 

"Forty-five minutes. So much for the fake smiles. I was wondering how long they would last." A voice calls out form behind me. 

I turn around to see who would dare say something like that to me while I'm in a mood like this. 

Finnick Odair. 

"The almighty Finnick Odair." I cross my arms over my chest and take a few steps closer, "Should I be falling to kiss at your feet? I mean, that's what most women do."

"Something tells me that that's not your style." Finnick smirks, unfazed by my remark. 

"And you know this how?" I ask. 

"You seem to be different Miss. (Y/Ln). You don't live for all of the attention. You don't thrive off of the spotlight. You don't want all of the money. You aren't some capital wannabe. You are just someone who was thrown into the game unsuspectingly. You changed. You aren't a girl anymore. You no longer are a kid once you've killed someone. Your childhood long since gone." 

I can't hide my shock at what he says.

"I didn't think I was that easy to read." I admit. 

"It's not that hard. It feels like I'm looking in a mirror." He breaks the eye contact and looks down at his feet. 

I wasn't expecting this omission from him. I don't even know him but we already feel so close. We're the same people. We were both forced into this mess of a life. We won but even winning the games doesn't really count as winning. 

"You wanna get out of here?" I ask. 

"I would love to. You sure you wanna leave? I'm sure your fans would be disappointed." Finnick nods his head towards the men and women that stare at me. 

"I think they'll manage. Maybe then they'll socialize with your fans." I smirk. 

Finnick looks out to see just as many people gathered to see him too. Together we've drawn quite the audience into the house. 

"Lets go!" I yell before they can mob us. 

I grab Finnick's hand and rush through the crowd pushing my way through. The flashes of cameras and screams of our names is distracting but we manage to get to the door. 

The valet pulled up a car and we hop in the first one without hesitation. 

"Where do you wanna go?" Finnick asks, he looks over to me for a second before pulling out of Snow's driveway onto the road. 

"Somewhere I've never been." I state. 


"Finn, we've been driving forever." I groan, Finnick stops looking at the road for a second to look at me when I use the new nickname but he doesn't question it.

"You said somewhere you've never been." He smiles. 

"Well I assumed that was still in the Capital. Where even are we?" I ask. 

"You'll see." Finnick states, not giving me any clues as to where we're headed. 

"You aren't gonna drive me far far away and then kill me in the woods or something right?" I ask.

Finnick laughs loudly. The sound is something that I've grown accustomed to in the short time we've spent together. 

I put my feet up on the dashboard of the car and reach forward to turn up the radio. Finnick keeps glancing over to look at me for just a second, I almost don't notice it. 

"What?" I ask.

"What?" He responds. 

"You know what I'm talking about." I laugh, "Why do you keep looking at me all funny?" 

Finnick smiles at continues to stare off on the road. No comment. 

"Just go to sleep. We'll be there soon." Finnick keeps a small smile on his face. 

  "I can't." 

"Why's that?" Finnick questions. 

"I can't sleep Finnick. I haven't since the games." I shutter slightly. 


I just nod in response. 

"It took me a while to get back to normal. Well, as normal as you can be after that. Right now you're at the worst of it. It'll get better. Trust me." 

"Okay." I smile. 

It's nice to have someone to trust again. I may have won the games but I lost everything else. Family. Friends. Everything. 

"We're here" Finnick says as he puts the car in park. 

I sit up to look out the windows. All I can see are tall cement walls. It looks like a giant building but it has a kind of dome shape to it. 

"What is this?" I ask. 

"It's your arena." Finnick says plainly. 

"My what?" I shout. "I can't be back here! I don't want to be back I just got out I can't-"

"Calm down, just breathe." Finnick places a hand on my cheek and forces me to look into his eyes, away from the arena that awaits yet again. "It's going to be alright. You don't have to go in. When I found out about this place, going back into my arena was the last thing I wanted to do. But, after time I wanted to go back and after I did, I felt at peace. After I went back in I was able to move past it."

I close my eyes and take a few deep breathes in and out. I open my eyes to see Finnick starring right back. 



"Yeah, I think this might be good oddly enough." I laugh airily. 

We both release our embrace and get out of the car. Finnick takes my hand and walks with my to a side door. He opens it a I step in. Cold grey walls are the only thing in sight. The hallways that all lead to the tribute's rooms. 

"Straight through up though here to get into the arena." Finnick points to a flight of stairs that have a door at the top. 

I stop before of the door. I take a deep breathe. 

"You can do this." Finnick encourages. 

I reach my hand forward and pull on the heavy door. 

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