Chapter Three: Saturday's.

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‘Hand me that wrench will you?’ my brothers voice sounded muffled from his position underneath the shiny black car. I had no clue what kind of car it was of course but it looked incredibly expensive.

The wrench my brother had indicated was lying at my feet on the ground just out of reach from his searching hand. I jumped down from the empty oil barrel I’d been sitting on and handed him said item.

‘You think it would be a good idea if I got a job as well? Seems unfair that I’m the only one who doesn’t work…’ I really did feel bad about that. I mean all of them even worked most of the time during the weekend.

Although of course Jared just really loved his job and for him this was as much his job as his hobby. All of his friends pretty much worked here as well come to think of it.

‘You shouldn’t  feel bad about that kiddo, you have your homework and school to worry about,’ Jared said as he rolled out from under the car for a second to look at me. His golden brown eyes gazed up at me with a frown creasing his forehead. A dark smear on his left cheek.

I fidgeted under his eyes, ‘I really don’t have all that much homework… In fact I already finished everything last night. Don’t have anything to do for school all weekend.’

With two entirely free days I should be able to pitch in a little, if not for the normal bills and stuff then at least so I could put more money in my college savings. I knew my parents and even Jared put every penny they could spare in that account so that I could go to college.

‘Heads up Jared! The owner of that black beauty is coming in. Oh hey there kiddo!’ Andrew the owner of the garage came out of his small office.

He looked just like he always did, his long blond hair in a tight ponytail at the nape of his neck and his blue eyes sparkling as if he’d just been laughing his head off. He wore a slightly dirty overall in a dark blue color and his big hands, permanently looked dirty.

He ruffled my already messy hair with a wide grin, ‘Looking as pretty as ever Winter.’  Before stooping down to look under the car he just mentioned to look at Jared.

They loudly discussed how the repairs were coming along and what still needed to be done or had to be changed. I tuned them out, not all that interested in cars anyway, and focused on the book in my lap.

Yes a job would be a good idea, better than spending all day doing nothing with Katie no matter how much fun it was. Better than being cooped up in the stuffy garage with the guys no matter how much they all treated me like their little sister.

Much better than letting my parents and brother do all the work…

But where to find a good job? A job I’d be able to do without both Jared and my parents protesting that it would be too much for me. Although I was sure anything was fine, I wasn’t weak just a little clumsy because of my bad eyes.

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