Chapter Thirty-Two

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I wanted to move her head, sweep her hair sideways and look at her neck and shoulder very badly but refrained. I didn't want to wake her just yet, the marking process wasn't entirely over even though the marks themselves should have appeared now.

We had to seal it and then possibly bind our life forces together. Given Ams heritage neither Sammuel nor I were entirely sure if she had an immortal lifespan on her own or not. Not that it mattered much, I wouldn't want to live without her anyway so merging our life forces wasn't a hardship.

My skin was still glowing faintly with the power I was extending, it was important that I kept feeding her with it. Stimulating the feedback she was giving me, however faintly... It was what allowed her to sleep right now, effectively pausing the process for a few hours.

It was unusual that the bonding happened when one of the two was still a virgin, like with Ams, it's why I let her sleep now. I wanted her fully alert and awake for the next part and I didn't want to drain her.

That I was expending much more power then needed for this was but a small price to pay. After all, I'd pay nearly any price if it meant spending the rest of my life with her.

I smoothed my hands down her back again gently and realized she was cooling down now that she was sleeping. A blanket appeared to cover us the next instant, I didn't even have to think about it.

Satisfied with that at least, I thought of one thing I could do to ease my aching curiosity. I didn't want to move her to see the mark but I could lift my own arm to see mine.

I liked the spot she'd picked out and I doubted if I'd ever want to roll down my sleeve to cover it... Really, I could care less if the world saw, if my enemies saw or not. I was better known across the supernatural world than most, even for a member of the council.

Fascinated I stared at the marking on my wrist, surprised by the size of the mark. It was larger than usual but that wasn't unheard off when one or both partners were powerful in their own right.

At the center of my wrist a typically Aztec marking stood out, it was a depiction of the sun but the heart of it contained Tlanextic's typical upturned triangle. Instead of the typical lines and dots that usually decorated Aztec art, this sun was filled with the lines and stripes that made up the Ogham writing of my very own people.

I hadn't seen or read Ogham in so long that I had to focus to read the words. Smiling when I could decipher: trust, loyalty, love and respect. There were more and they all had to do with our personalities and our relationship. Like ribbons the words flared out around the sun, interspersed with flames and feathers.

One flame licked up sideways across my thumb and the top of my hand while feathers and Ogham writing ran across the palm of my hand. The feathers looked as if scattered on the wind and flowed with my skin while the writing seemed to lie just underneath it.

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