"Thank you." Natasha nods to him, before she and Caroline went to go take their seats. The two of them settle into their chairs as King T'Chaka begins his speech. Natasha shifting ever so slightly in her chair as Prince T'Challa takes his place stoically by the window, observing the conference as his father speaks of peace, defensively monitoring the situation at large.

"When stolen Wakandan vibranium was used to make a
terrible weapon... we in Wakanda were forced to question our
legacy." T'Chaka begins. "Those men and women killed in Nigeria were part of a goodwill mission
from a country too long in the shadows. We will not, however,
let misfortune drive us back. We will fight to improve the world we
wish to join. I am grateful to the
Avengers for supporting this initiative. Wakanda is proud to extend its hand in peace—"

"Everybody get down." T'Challa suddenly yelled as he rushed over towards his father. In a moment, Caroline was vaulting over the table in front of her, hopping over obstacles in her path to protect the King, racing T'Challa to his father.

Then, in an instant, Caroline felt her body blown backwards, heat pressing against her as glass and debris are thrown alongside her airborne body. With a hard smack, she feel her back connect with a cement pillar, causing her to crumple to the ground as more debris falls on top of her. She laid there, gasping for air, trying desperately to regain some orientation as she fought to steady the breath that got knocked from her. Her ears rung as they tried to process the sound around her.
She felt as if she was under water, the terrified screams sounding muffled and distant as the frightened people scampered around the demolished room.
Her visioned blurred as her head swan constantly, she shook her head trying to clear her senses, but lost the fight as her eyes started to close, her body relaxing into the ruble.

"Caroline! Caroline!" She felt a firm hand on her shoulder as someone touched her cheek, pushing the hair out of her face. Her eyes opened as the sound of screams returned to her ears.

"Thank god!" Natasha sighed in relief as she helps sit Caroline up, she winced slightly as she clutched at her shoulder, a large piece of glass imbedded in her skin.

Natasha's hand moves quickly to the wound assessing the damage
"I think it's just superficial, doesn't feel that deep." She hissed as she moves herself to a kneeling position, feeling her body ache beneath her as bruises begin to form. "You'll need stitches none the less," Natasha scolds, trying to keep Caroline from rising to her feet, "Just stay still will you! Can I get a medic?" She shouts searching the room for help.

"Nat, I'm fine, there are plenty more people that need help. You forget that I can heal. Just help me get up." She bites her lip as she debates whether or not Caroline should move but as she takes in the carnage of the surrounding scene she realizes that she wasn't the biggest priority.

"Fine... Only because you can heal unlike the rest of these people." She caves, "Let's get you out of here."

With Natasha's help, Caroline was able to make short work of it, stopping only once to breathe through a dizzy spell, her legs finding their strength with every step as she guides Caroline out of the building and towards an ambulance.

"What were you thinking running forward like that, you could have been killed!" She scolds as Caroline waiting for medical attention; even though she kept reminding Natasha she was a vampire. Though Nat was still pretty young she often went into worried mom mode whenever Caroline was particularly reckless.

Between her and Steve it was a marvel that she was even allowed to hold knives, let alone fight with them.

"I saw T'Challa notice something outside, I thought it was a sniper. I thought I could get to the King in time.... The King... Natasha?" She shakes her head sadly, confirming Caroline's fear. "And T'Challa?"
She asked earnestly, worried for the fate of the young Prince.
"He's alright, a little beat up and heartbroken but... He'll make it."
The medic arrives, interrupting their conversation, she nodded and allow them to tear her shirt exposing the bloody skin and shard of glasses that were still entrenched in her shoulder.

"I'm going to check on T'Challa, get some information, maybe find you another shirt. I'll be back to check on you in a bit alright, just stay put." Natasha squeezed her hand affectionately as she nodded, agreeing to her terms.

It took about 20 minutes for the medics to remove the shards, but pretty quickly she was patched up and drinking water, watching as Natasha sits across the way, next to a distant looking T'Challa.

His grief was evident in the Prince's stance as he looks at his ring, allowing Natasha's words to wash over him before decisively standing and walking purposefully away from her. In a moment she is walking back towards Caroline, a long sleeve black shirt in hand. She throws it to her, looking over the bruises forming along your torso as she slip her arms through it.

"Any info?" She asked curiously, pulling the shirt over her head and settling it down on her torso.

"Yes, they've released a video of the suspect. It's The Winter Soldier." She heard Natasha's words as if from a distance, her stomach knotting at the sound of the alias. Bucky? But... it couldn't be. He wouldn't. He couldn't.

"No... it has to be someone else." She spoke quickly not fully comprehending her own words.
Natasha raises an eyebrow at her, confused by Caroline's assertion, not expecting this reaction,
"What? It's Barnes. They're sure of it, they have him on video by the van, about 30 hours ago. The team is just waiting for a reliable tip on his location." Natasha's phone begins to ring, distracting her for a moment as she answers quickly.

"Yeah?" She responds roughly, her eyes remaining locked on Caroline.

"Are you alright?" Caroline could hear Steve on the other end of the call,

"Ah, yeah, thanks. I got lucky." She responds slowly.

"Caroline? Is she... Is she ok?" He questions, "She's fine Steve, a little bit bruised, but she'll live."

She turns her back to Caroline, looking questioningly through the street as a siren fills the air. "I know how much Barnes means to you, and Caroline, and Kiara. I really do. Stay at home, you'll only make this worse for all of us. Please." She heard Natasha caution Steve, thinking quickly.

Natasha turned around to face Caroline as she handed the phone to her. A few whispers were exchanged before she handed back the phone to the redhead.

Caroline moved slowly, cautiously watching Natasha as she continues to glance through the street only feet from her. Silently, she sneaks around the ambulance and disappeared into the crowd, breaking into a run as she established some distance, heading back to the jet for supplies and a ride.

She felt her feet quicken beneath her as her adrenaline clears her head. She have to move quickly, Bucky was running out of time.
And so were they.

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