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005. | ❛ signing of the accords.

AFTER SOME THOUGHT, CAROLINE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE BEST TO GO WITH NATASHA TO AT LEAST BE A REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE OPPOSITION. The conversation she had with Steve about this decision resulted in a small discussion, although they did leave on a high note. Caroline reassured him that the signing of the Accords didn't mean she stood for them. She was all about choice and considering what happened to Kiara, her stance wasn't with Tony.

"Excuse me, Ms. Romanoff?" A UN staff member approached Natasha and Caroline. They turned to face the woman, who was holding a clipboard in her hand.

"Yes?" Natasha answered her.

"These need both your signatures." The woman explained to Natasha, as Caroline kept looking forward at the dark skinned man standing outside near the window, gazing out. She quickly turned around once she felt that she was glaring for too long. Natasha finished signing the papers and gave back the clipboard. "Thank you."

"I suppose neither of us is used to the spotlight." The man that Caroline was staring at approached the two of them.

"Oh well, it's not always so flattering," Natasha replied to him.

"You seem to be doing all right so far." He reassures her. "Considering your last trip to Capitol Hill... I wouldn't think you'd be particularly comfortable in this company."

"Well, I'm not." Natasha says to him, shedding a smile.

"And that alone makes me glad
you are here, Ms. Romanoff." The man says to her.

"Why? You don't approve of all this?" Caroline asked him, realizing after she said it that she was being informal. She didn't know his name and waited for a moment to introduce herself.

"The Accords, yes. The politics,
not really." The man answered.
"Two people in a room can get more done than a hundred."

Caroline smiled, "That it can."
She extended her hand out, "Caroline."

"T'Challa." He replied to her.

"Unless you have to move a piano." Another voice entered after their brief introduction, Caroline looked over her shoulder and recognized him as the King of Wakanda, T'Chaka. T'Challa and T'Chaka exchanged a greeting in their native language before the King returned his attention to Natasha and Caroline. "Ms. Romanoff. Ms. Kingsley."

"King T'Chaka." Natasha greets him, as Caroline gave a slight
nod. "Please, allow me to
apologize for what happened in Nigeria."

"Thank you," T'Challa replies to her before glancing over to Caroline, already knowing that she was in opposition to the signing of The Accords. "Thank you for being here, even if you aren't in full approval of it. I'm sad to hear that Captain Rogers will not be joining us today."

"Yes, so are we." Caroline replied with a sad smile before she heard the speaker.

"If everyone could please be seated." A man over the speaker instructed them. "This assembly is now in session."

"That is the future calling,"
T'Challa says as he looks over to his father, and then back to the two woman, shaking both of their hands quickly. "Such a pleasure."

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