17) 'Sex Or No Sex?' And Other Questions That, At Least According To Pi, Have...

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17) 'Sex Or No Sex?' And Other Questions That, At Least According To Pi, Have Really Obvious Answers

They were at a moot point.

Benjamin couldn't, in his experience—or lack thereof—really know what a moot point entailed, per se, but he knew they were in one anyway.

They had kissed.

Been on a date. Ish.

Hijacked Benjamin's straightness.

Actually, thinking about him made him want to jump off a building. In a good way. He hadn't even fantasized about turning into a dragon in a while. He didn't need wings anyway. It kind of felt like he was constantly floating.

Upon arriving at school the next day, the squad immediately noticed his good mood. They stared at him for a moment—even Heston was quiet and intrigued—until Martin flailed his arms around and screamed, "Benjaminnnnn!!!"


"You went on the date without me!"

Being, you know, Benjamin, he naturally went, "no." And then he shook his head. "Wait. Yes. Yes, I did in fact do that." Saying that, he realized that he didn't say 'yes' very often.

Martin finally took control of his arms, crossing them, and frowned. The frown created so many wrinkles in his forehead, he kind of looked like a raisin.

Heston leaned back, blocking a locker that wasn't his. He then purposely lowered his voice and said, "He had sex, too."

Benjamin's eyes widened. "No! Definitely not."

Pi, who had been awfully quiet, let out what might have been the loudest sigh of the century. "Christ's sake, Heston."

Heston ignored him and closed his eyes. Pinching his forehead, he went, "My spidey senses have failed me yet again..."

Meanwhile, Martin let out what seemed to be a sigh of relief. This, however, went by without anyone mentioning it.

They all started walking in silence. After just a while, though, Heston said, "Are you sure, Ben?"

Ben yelled, cheeks becoming the color of his hair, "Yes, I'm sure."

Heston opened his mouth as if to say something, but Pi interrupted. "He's sure, Heston. Now shut it."

"How would you know?"

"Because," Pi said. When he continued, he didn't even bother to whisper. "He's Ben. Ben the third. Of course he didn't... you know."

Ben was certain Pi's emphasizing was supposed to mean something, but whatever it was, he let it slide. Mercifully, so did Heston, who kept his mouth shut.

At first thought, Ben was happy no member of the squad asked anything about the date. But when they went on to discuss some other subject, not even Benjamin related, he started missing the attention. And then he started questioning the squad's intentions. Why didn't they want to hear about Ben and Thijmen's birdwatching?

Ben heard the way that sentence sounded in his head. Suddenly, it made a lot more sense why no one had asked about it. Damn. He'd worked hard for sixteen years to hijack his life enough to pass under the radar, and now he missed his five minutes of attention? What the hell?

Maybe that's what having feelings for someone did to a person. It was like all of Benjamin's priorities had shifted. He didn't just want to talk about video games anymore. It was kind of scary.

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