"You can use everything that's in there," Vinny said as Oliver shot him a polite smile.

"Thank you," He said before shutting the door behind him.

He put his clothes on a little stool that was next to the shower before stripping off his pyjamas. He opened the big glass door and stepped in. The shower was big enough for at least five people as he looked at the handles. One was for the temperature and one was for releasing the water, so it should be easy to use.

It took him a few minutes to mess around with the temperature before he got it perfect. The cold that first hit him definitely woke him up a bit. Just above the handles was a shelf full of different shower gels and shampoo. Oliver picked a few up and took it in turns to smell them before he came across one that drew him in instantly.

Judging by the little quantity left in the bottle, he could tell that this was Vinny's favourite because it smelt a little like him. Even such a mild smell filled him with pure affection, he was almost taken back by how much he craved it.

Eventually, he put it back before picking one at random for him to use.

Only ten minutes passed until he was already changed with brushed teeth. He rubbed his damp hair with the towel once more before heading out of the steamy bathroom.

He walked over and put his things in his bag before turning to see the vampire, sitting patiently on the end of the bed.

He had thought about Oliver non-stop when he was in the shower. He had even picked up the cushion he had used to get a whiff of his scent. And of course, it filled him with instant pleasure. He couldn't help it. They both needed time to get used to these new and strong emotions.

"I'm going to get a shower now, do you think you can remember the way to the dining room?" He asked before walking over.

Oliver frowned.

"I'm not sure."

"Well, I challenge you to find it," He watched his reaction. Oliver stared at him for a moment until he realised that he was being serious.

"When I leave this room, you'll never find me again." His mind scanned over the many, many corridors in this huge mansion.

Vinny lightly smiled, making Oliver's heart flutter.

"I'll find you," His voice was soft as he stepped closer. He leant over him and opened the door. Oliver's emotions went crazy when his face grew close.

He was feeling a bit of affection, circling in his chest. Vinny felt it too. It is clear that they need to start developing their affection for each other. It almost feels like their connection has become stronger overnight.

"I'm going to get so lost," He chuckled.

"You're not allowed to ask for help," The vampire watched Oliver's hand, wanting nothing more than to hold it forever.

"I won't," Oliver smiled and backed out of the room. Staff who were already there, cleaning the hallways stopped to watch. It was so unusual to see the master being close with a human.

Vinny watched him look left and then right before he started walking down the hallway. He studied him for a little longer, not having the heart to tell him that he had gone the wrong way.

* * * * *

When Vinny was changed, with his hair dry and his teeth brushed, he started making his way towards the dining-room. He went the same way as Oliver, just in case he passed him in the hallways.

When he got downstairs, it was looking hopeful that he had maybe made it.

He opened the big door and walked into the dining-room to see his parents and John, sitting at the grand table. But Oliver was nowhere in sight. He looked around as he walked over.

"Has Oliver made an appearance?" He asked, just as his parents noticed him.

"No, we thought he'd be with you," Madison frowned.

Vinny sighed and shook his head.

"He's lost," With a little smile at the thought of him just wandering around, he turned and walking out of the room.

Duke waited until he was gone before looking at Madison and John with raised eyebrows.

"Did he just... smile?"

His parents were almost speechless. they haven't seen him properly smile in years. But now that his soulmate has arrived, he is finally finding his happiness. They know Vinny will probably remain moody with everyone, but this was definitely a start.

* * * * *

Oliver had seen plenty of maids and butlers on his travels but he wasn't allowed to ask for help. This resulted in him getting deeper and deeper into the mansion.

He wandered down a corridor that he was sure he hadn't been down before but Vinny showed him the entire house yesterday. He turned another corner and walked down yet another hallway. He was still on the second floor. Where was the staircase? He was sure Vinny would be looking for him by now.

As he continued down this corridor, he came across a big portrait of the vampire. It looked like quite an old painting but Vinny looked exactly the same. Oliver stopped to take a closer look.

His eyes came across a date on the bottom of the painting. It read: '1736'. He knew that Vampires aged differently but if Vinny looked the same age in the seventeenth century, how long has he lived for?

"You didn't get very far," A deep voice said, making him jump.

Oliver quickly turned to see Vinny standing right behind him.

"Oh, you scared me!" He breathed. "And How? I've been wondering for ages."

"My bedroom is only one corridor away," Vinny knew he should probably draw Oliver a map.

"I think I doubled back on myself," He chuckled.

Vinny's eyes scanned his face before he stepped closer. Oliver's big, green eyes were drawing him in. But the affection was growing and it was too hard not to make that physical contact.

Oliver knew there was staff staring at them as his soulmate continued to get even closer. He could still barely believe that he shared a bed with him and that he was in this situation.

As they got close enough to make their chests touch, the warmth was circulating in their veins and their hearts thumped heavily against their ribs.

Oliver bit his bottom lip when he felt Vinny's warm hands rest gently on his waist. He was very, very attracted to him.

The vampire was nervous but he knew this is what he had to do. He wrapped his arms around Oliver's lower back as Oliver couldn't stop himself from leaning against him.

Eventually, they cuddled into each other. They didn't realise how much they needed this. Vinny rested his face on the side of Oliver's neck and took in his addicting scent. Their whole bodies were melting into each other as they shared the comfort and the warmth.

Oliver rested his head against Vinny's and closed his eyes. the vampire softly rubbed his back, wanting to stay like this forever.

He wanted to feel his soulmate's warm body against his forever.

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