Cartman x reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing of course because its cartman and bad spelling this is a request from Marksfabulousbutt thanx for the request!😚😚~

~Your POV~

Hi..I'm (y/n) (l/n), is the troublemaker of South Park, I play pranks, get into fights, in detention almost everyday and I'm in love with a racist asshole named Eric Cartman......

For some reason, I have a soft spot for him.....I hate the feeling of love because it always bites me in the ass....but enough said back to present day...

Today I was at school chilling with my friends the Stan team, it was a normal day in south park...until we had drama class....

Our class had to perform a family scene, 4 people in our group and in my group I had Cartman, Wendy, Bebe and me. So Cartman so obviously the dad, Wendy, and bebe wanted to be sisters and I was forced to be the mom.

The teacher came over to us, "okay perform, where the siblings are fighting...and action!" The teacher yelled.

"MUM BEBE Won't GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!!" wendy yelled

"okay bebe give you sister back her phone or you're grounded," I said, bebe looked angry and gave back the phone

"Thankyou Bebe" wendy said before hugging her and bebe hugged back.

Cartman came behind me and gave me a bear hug, he kissed my cheek making me blush. "Babe you work too hard," he said before grabbing my chin and kissing me passionately, I blush and kiss back making the kiss more passionate.

"Beautiful, great job!! A+!!" The teacher said walking to the next group, I and cartman kept in our position, we melted into the kiss.

I turned around facing him without breaking the kiss, I started to wrap my arms around his neck putting my hand into his soft brown hair, I felt his arms wrap around my waist. I felt a hand go on my ass grabbing it, I didn't mind and began to french kiss him.

I felt the world around me disappear until the bell interrupted us, we separate and looked at each other blushing madly, "EWWWW I HAVE COOTIES" Cartman yelled making everyone laugh at me, I started to tear up.

I have never cried in front of anyone before, tears started to fall down my face, I walked up to Cartman and slapped him hard across the face, "FUCK YOU CARTMAN, YOUR AN ASSHOLE!! I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU!! YOU FUCKING BITCH!!" I said before running away.

~Cartman's POV~

I was shocked, "You are an asshole cartman, you had her cry, go and apologize now," kyle said, I started to run away her but I lost her in a crowd. I went in the playground and heard cries and sobbing. I felt really bad for making my crush cry.....

~Your POV~

I sobbed into my hands holding my knees close to my chest, I heard footsteps coming closer to me and I just keep crying. I felt myself being lifted up and into a lap, the person wrapped their arms around me, I wrapped my arms around the person crying into their shoulder.

After calming down, I look at the person and it was Cartman, my eyes wide. He put his hand on my cheek and made our foreheads press together, I blushed. He kissed me cheek again, "(y/n) I'm so sorry for making you cry, I love you so much and it hurt me to see you cry," he said blushing.

I giggled and leaned in, kissing him just like in the drama room. After our session, we walked back into school hand in hand.

~Sorry if it sux but I loved it!! REQUEST ARE OPEN!! Thanx for reading!! ~ Nightmare 💜💜💜

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