Chapter 24 || Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Boy. How I Wish That You Were Troy...

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I know that everyone tries to convince that Noah is a good guy and I never said something against it but I don't trust him and especially after what has happened, it's just really complicated. Nowadays, it is really hard to distinguish whether people tell you the truth or not. Everyone is clearly abusing the word "white lie". For example, the girl who did want her parents to know that she'll sleep at her boyfriend's house and tell them instead she'll be with her friends or a boy who does not want his girlfriend to know that he was with some girl because they "just kissed" and "it did not mean anything, anyway" and it would be "unnecessary" to tell her because it would cause drama. People get used to lying to people's faces.

But do know what's the worst part ?

People get used to be lied to. There is a reason why your parents tell you not to trust anyone. They teach their daughter not to take any drinks from strangers instead teaching their son not to spike a girl's drink. They teach their daughters not to get raped instead of teaching their son's not to rape a girl.

Why ?

Because eventually almost everyone will take advantage of you if they could. For example, most of the nerds in High school movies are portrayed as shy and kind. Most of them are also portrayed as the victim or the nice boy who could never hurt anyone but the only reason they do not behave like one of those bad boys is simply because they can't.

They mostly don't have the looks, the attitude or the self-confidence but if they'd wake up the next day and look like Ryan Guzman himself, I bet they would not act differently than those other guys. Of course, this applies not to everyone but this is how it is most likely to happen. This does not necessarily make them bad people but acting egoistically is human. It is only a bad thing because religion taught us it is. It is a human instinct to do what is best for you and sometimes this instinct takes over and you don't realize that you hurt other people.

Everyone just tries to survive in our society. If you don't fit in, you are an outsider. Human beings are not created to be all the same but created to brighten up the world with their differences in their own way.

Society normally sets the overall conditions. What is popular and what is not popular and this lodges into people's heads. A perfect example for that is that stupid concept of fat shaming. Just because you don't look like a model in the magazines, you are less worth which is completely stupid. I have to admit that when I see a girl who is overweight, is the first thing that I notice exactly this. Not in a bad way but it's just the first thing I notice because of society's stupid world view.

You often judge people by their outer appearance because our society taught you to and it's not your fault because you cannot control everything that happens in your mind. I often judge people by their outer appearance when I see them for the first time. For example when I see a girl dressed with a pink mini skirt, a pink top and bleach blonde hair, I mentally roll my eyes and expect her to be a cocky bitch because of all the cliché movies but then I think: 'No, Sofía. This girl might be the cutest and kindest girl ever who happened to like the colour pink'. I know that I'm not the only one because we all do this to a certain degree but this is natural and not our fault to have these images in our minds. Always remember:

Your first thought is what you are bound to and your second thought is what you really are.

Me and Dean kept on talking about our childhood and how we miss spending time together. We were inseparable when we used to be kids.

"Sofía.", a voice behind me called me.

I turned around to see Noah standing behind me, giving me an annoyed look. Seems like his releasing operation did not go that well...

I stood up without saying anything, hugging Dean and waving him goodbye. Noah headed to the car and I tried to keep up with him which was not that easy because he was practically sprinting.

Wow, he must be really angry.

After we got out of the building and into the car, I expected him to start driving immediately but he did not make a move. No hate but I think he is kind of overreacting. Jackson is not dead so why is he acting like this ?

"Do you always behave like this or are you extra desperate today ?", he asked me in a huff, without looking at me.

What ?!

"Excuse me ?", my jaw hung open. Did he really just say that ?

"You know what I mean. I'm talking about your little encounter with Dean. All this giggling and everything."

I was still completely paralyzed because of what he said. He cannot be serious...

"Just for your information.", I hissed. "Dean has been my best friend for years when I was a child. I know him longer than Paula and Lizzie. Spare me with your jealousy because you have no right to act like this because you are the one..."

I tried to finish my sentence but Noah had crushed his lips on mine. I responded immediately, surprising myself. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have ever imagined. As I realized what was happening, I broke away immediately. We stared into each other's eyes, not daring to make a move. After a few seconds, Noah looked down and then away, starting the motor of the car and pulled off.

What the hell did just happen ?!


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