Chapter 24 || Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Boy. How I Wish That You Were Troy...

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Chapter 24 || Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Boy. How I Wish That You Were Troy...

"Oh my God, Sofía. How long has it been ?"

"Too long.", I stood up and hugged him.

May I introduce you to my best childhood friend Dean Woods. We used to be neighbours and did everything together. We moved into our house when I was only fourteen and back then we used to live on the other side of town. Sadly, Dean had to move to Canada because his father got a job there and I never saw him again. Of course we kept in touch via social media, Skype etc. but it was not the same and we both were really busy with school so it slowly faded away until neither of us called the other one.

"How are Lizzie and Paula ? Is Lizzie still into Eddy ?", he asked

"It's complicated but please don't remind me of it. Huge drama for nothing.", I shook my head in annoyance.

"What happened ?"

"Oh just some stupid girls causing drama out of nowhere, never mind. You should rather tell me what you are doing back here ? How is Natalie ?", we sat down on the seats.

Natalie is his long-time girlfriend. Actually, more than that. They have been together since we're were six years old and even haven't broken up although Dean moved to Canada. I would definitely consider them a couple to stay together for a lifetime.

"Pretty good. My mom and my dad had a divorce which means she had no longer a reason to stay in Canada so we moved back here a few months ago.", he explained.

"Why didn't you tell me.", I pouted and hit his arm.

"Ouch. You are stronger than you look like.", he whined and petted his arm . "I'm sorry. I've been very busy. My mom had trouble finding a new house, I had to write college applications and tried to find a job in order to pay college which why I'm working here. I just do some boring organizational stuff but I cannot complain because it is really well paid but enough of me. What are you doing here?", he asked astonished. "As far as I know, being cynical pessimist is not illegal.", I laughed at his remark and hugged him again.

"A friend of mine, Jackson, you must probably know him, was arrested because he beat up Matt.", Dean broke out in laughter. "Matt ?", he repeated questioning. "That spoiled brat ? Not that I'm sorry for him, I was just a bit surprised that nobody punched this idiot until now. "

"Yeah.", I shook my head. "The worst part is that he is Paula boyfriend..."

"What ?!", he blurted out. "Did he brainwash her ?"

"I hope so because I would not accept any other excuse."

I looked around the police station and spotted Noah, talking to an officer. His gaze went to me repeatedly. Dean must have noticed as well because he looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Seems like you are under Noah Evans surveillance ?", Dean chuckled.

I just nodded and a wide grin emerged on his face. "Ugh. It's nothing. We are just friends...kind of...somehow. ", I tried to defend myself but Dean did not seem to be very convinced.

Why are people so caught up with the idea of me and Noah being an item ?! God...

"Yeah, ok. I just pretend that I believe your lies for once. Even if there is nothing serious, what is wrong with having a little fun, hun ?", he wiggled with his eyebrows and I rolled my eyes at his comment. "You know that I'm not that kind of girl and I don't want to have the reputation of being one of Noah's 'hump and dump'- girls."

"Noah and me were in the same basketball team and believe me when I say that he usually never is never friends with a girl or looks at her longer than he has to, let alone talk to her when he doesn't need to. I know you are very sceptical when it comes to boys, rightly, but please don't walk around with a closed mind, believing every guy is evil. He might not be the perfect Troy Bolton but he is not as bad as he seems. Just think about it."

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